Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer!

I needed a concealer some time ago and as an emergency purchase I ended up getting the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the lightest shade (at least here in Finland) 15. It was new at the time and everything new is always appealing to a beauty blogger. Here's my quick review!

Boy was I surprised! I hadn't read any blog posts about this concealer beforehand but let me tell you, this concealer is really great stuff for the the 8€ that I paid for it. But let's start with the container first. The tube has a NARS resemblance, but not too much. It's sleek and simple and I like it. The wand is the sponge type and while it's not the most hygienic way to use concealer, I still like it. I normally don't apply the concealer straight on to my face with the applicator, I apply it on the back of my hand first and then use it with a concealer brush from there.

The consistency of the Fit Me concealer is very creamy. It's super pigmented too, a little goes a long way and it's easy to blend. I was really surprised! It covers all my spots and redness nicely and works great under my eyes too. I'm really pleased! The only thing that bugs me is that it's just a tad too dark for me, so they should have a shade 10, that would be perfect for me. I used this concealer up anyway and eventhough it's too dark for me I'm thinking of repurchasing it. I don't think it's necessary to spend 40€ on a concealer if you can find quality products like this from the drugstore brands. I will try the Fit Me blushes next :)

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Elf Complexion Perfection Powder!

Elf Complexion Perfection Powder is their famous face powder that almost every blogger owns. I had to have it too and try it out if it does anything for me. I have super pale skin with some occational redness and dullness. I really didn't have any expectations for Complexion Perfection, I hadn't own any color correcting powders or concealers before this. A good foundation and a normal concealer has done the job for me just fine, but for the ridiculously low price I decied to try one out :)

A nice size powder in a sleek container, and I like that it has a large mirror in it too. Cheap price (I paid around 4€ for mine) makes me want to love this powder! The powder itself looks pretty, all these pastel colors together. You know the gist, the green is supposed to neutralize redness, the pink is supposed to neutralalize blue and so on. A lovely idea all and all, let's see if it works for me.

To me it seems that the powder is a bit chalky when I swatch it. It turns out to look white, quite pigmented powder on my skin. It doesn't have any sheen to it, but when I blend it it does look like a it has a slight glow. In theory I see how this powder could work just nicely. But I think it made my face look even paler, if possible, it leaves a white cast on my face and I don't think that gives any brightning effect at all. I'm pale enough, what I really need is a bronzer :) But I can't say this is a bad powder, not at all, I just think I'm too pale for it. I think that on light to medium skin tones it could give brightness and even out the skin tone. So read my review with that on your mind. And also, maybe because I have a heavier hand with face products, it turned out to look too white on  me. I will most likely end up using this under my eyes (again) :)

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

NOTD: Rimmel Your Majesty!

My alarmingly fast growing nail polish collection was short of a silvery polish. I was on a hunt for a cheap one, so I picked out this Rimmel Lasting Finish bottle for 3,50€. It's super pretty! Very shiny and great for the winter season. All I need now is just a darker silver...hmm. Anyway, here's my quick NOTD post for you.


I find all Rimmel polishes to be pretty good quality. The are easy to apply and last a pretty long time without chipping. Low price too, really nice :)

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Mascara!

I went and bought Rimmel's ScandalEyes Waterproof Mascara without reading any blog posts or reviews about it. I know mascaras can work differently on different lashes. For exemple Max Factor's False Lash Effect is a favourite of a lot of people but it didn't do anything special for my lashes. I had high expectations towards this mascara, it promised to give my lashes volume with no clumps. Who wouldn't want that?


The packaging looks quite cheap to me, I'm not that into the neon color. But then again I know only what's inside matters..


The brush is huge! It's quite hard to work with eventhough I have relatively big eyes. I like the rubbery wands more but some regular brushes has worked great for me in the past, like Isadora's Extra Volume Build Up Waterproof Mascara. I actually almost got that one instead of this, maybe I will repurchase it the next time.

Does ScandalEyes work then? No. Pretty much everything is wrong with this mascara! It doesn't meet the expectations I have about a waterproof mascara. A good waterproof mascara should hold my curl all day and give me separation and volume, Rimmel ScandalEyes fails to do that, it doesn't give me any volume and makes my lashes straight like I never even used a lash curler! I don't know what happens when I apply it, first my lashes are nice and curled and after applying the mascara they look straight again. I don't get it. So I don't know if this actually is waterproof or not! I haven't tested it and to be honest, I don't even care. I'm throwing it away. I already purchased something else to replace ScandalEyes mascara. It's been a while since a beauty product has disappointed me so badly. I don't know if someone likes this mascara, someone just might. My lashes are super straight and need to be curled. If I use regular mascara my lashes look straight again after curling them in about 10 minutes. This mascara does it in seconds. I didn't even take any pictures because I couldn't even leave the house wearing it, I don't want to use this even for that one time to take pictures, I'm sorry.

The only good thing about this mascara was the price, I paid only 7€ for it. I'm not happy to give a bad review but this just didn't work for me. I know it can work for someone else!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pan, ohoy! :)

I can see pan. Many pans! Many of you may know that a true beauty junkie doesn't really use up any products because it's just nearly impossible. This time I have four different face products showing pan at the same time. I only dream of the day that I would see pan in some of my eyeshadows, that's not happening any time soon. But face products I tend to use with a heavier hand... :)

Now this is a funny, funny thing. I gave a bad review on NYX's Highlight and Contour Powder combo while back. I thought I would not end up using it that much. Then I found that the highlighter part works great setting my under eye concealer! The powder is not that pigmented or shimmery, so it's just perfect for that use, it brightens up my under eye area but doesn't look weird or shimmery or anything like that, it just lightens my eyes up. So here's the thing, it works so great it's almost gone. The contouring part I have barely touched. Wow, did not see this coming! As a highlighter, still not working for me.

NYX Powder Blush in Peach has been my favourite blush from the spring till this day. I have used it non-stop and here's the result. I first thought this peachy color looked wrong on me but it really doesn't. I love this blush so much! It's light enough for my pale face but gives me a healthy flush of color. Of course a flush of color has never been enough for me.

NYX Taupe is my all time favourite for contouring. It's not orange at all, just a light grayish brown. Perfect for the lighter skin tones. I have gone through so many of these, this may be number seven or eight perhaps. I love it, really.

As much as I love NYX Taupe, NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter is something that I may just love even more. It's pearly and lovely, no shimmers but a lovely sheen. You can see that tiny space of pan right there in the middle, I'm sad it's there because again I find myself in a situation that I don't have a back up. I use this so much, with a heavy hand of course. Since there's no shimmers, why not apply an extra layer... I love it and have not found anything like it yet.

Well, it looks like I need to place an order at Cherry Culture soon. I just love NYX. Not a sponsored post, my love is pure and true!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

NOTD: Wet n Wild Burgundy Frost!

Pretty shimmery nail polish in the shade of burgundy for 1€? Yes, please. I was thrilled to find some Wet n Wild nail polishes in pretty fall colors on sale. I went home with a few bottles, of course, how could I not? This Burgundy Frost is just super pretty. I love it and can't stop looking at my nails. I'm a bit obsessed. Burgundy Frost is a deep burgundy red with gold microshimmer. The shimmer makes the polish look warm, kind of rusty, in some lighting. It's a lovely burgundy with a twist! I can't describe how much I'm loving this polish right now. I'm wearing it on my toes too.

The golden microshimmer was hard to capture in a picture, but then it doesn't really show up on nails that much. The color looks much deeper on the nails than it does in the bottle.
Two coats was enough with Seche Clear Base Coat and Rimmel Pro Longwear Ultra Shine Top Coat. The lasting power of Wet n Wild polish is not the best I've seen but it's ok if you pay only 1€ for it. I love fall and I love burgundy :)

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Maybelline One by One Volum'Express Waterproof Mascara!

I was very disappointed in my Rimmel mascara that I had in store, so I had to throw it away. Of course I reviewed it first but now I want to rave about another mascara! I needed to get another mascara in a rush and I was already heading to the check out counter with Isadora's Extra Volume Build Up mascara but then thought why be this boring when you really actually want to try something new. So I picked out Maybelline's One by One Volum'Express mascara in waterproof because I have a good history with Maybelline mascaras and I'd wanted to try it since it came out but couldn't find the waterproof version here on Finland. Well now we have it and I was excited :)

The wand is the big rubbery type and is something that I knew would work for me. In a good mascara I look for separation, definition and volume. It also needs to hold my lashes curled all day, I have quite long lashes but they are just completely straight. Maybelline One by One promises to give my lashes exactly what I need: instant clump-free volume.
And you know what, it does just that! It separates my lashes beautyfully with no clumps. The container gives just the right amount of mascara on to the wand and makes the application really easy. The wand is quite easy to work with eventhough it is larger than average. No excess mascara on the tip! Loving it.

I usually apply just one coat of mascara and find my lashes to look messy if you apply more coats. But with One by One you can add a second layer without it looking messy or too much. One coat is fine too, you get voluminous lashes with this mascara quite easily! When it comes to results, I think it can almost reach the level of my all time favourite Lumene's Blueberry Curl but since Blueberry Curl is very hard to remove and One by One really is not, One by One has taken the number one place! I love this mascara! Lovely results, easy to remove and affordable price. Hard to beat that!

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