Friday, September 28, 2012

NOTD: Models Own Purple Ash!

Another NOTD post, I've been hauling some fall polishes lately. I found this Models Own polish on sale and took it home with me :) A lovely muted purple!

Like the name says, Purple Ash is a muted purple with an ashy tone. I really like it! I didn't have anything like this in my (growing) nail polish collection. Two coats was enoug with Seche Clear Base Coat and Rimmel Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat. The finish is not that shiny, but with a shiny top coat it turns out to look great. It lasted maybe two days without chipping so that's ok. I haven't owned any Models Own polishes for a while so I can't really say anything about the quality. This one was nice for a bargain :)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel!

I've been using MAC's Brow Set gel for a long time. I don't have access to MAC in my home town and to be honest, paying 17,50€ for a brow gel that you need to change every 4-6 months is a bit wasteful. So instead of getting the MAC one, I went and got Ardell's Brow Sculpting Gel.

Some people don't need brow wax or brow gel but for me it's a must. I have sort of wild brows, they usually point the wrong way and fixing my brows with gel makes me look more put together. I usually fill in my brows too but since I have black brows naturally, I don't need to fill them everyday. Usually I do though. Well, my point here is... :) ..that I use brow gel almost every day and I need a good one!

Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel keeps my brows in place just fine, my brows feels soft and look natural after application. It does not get hard (like hair spray-hard) at all. I would like it to have a little more power to keep my brows in place for the whole day, but I still like it since it was so inexpensive compared to MAC's brow gel. And I actually found this to be better than MAC's too so I'm not going to purchase the MAC Brow Set anymore. Ardell's Brow Sculpting Gel has a light scent to it, it smells quite nice. I don't know if it really is necessary to have a scent in products like this but it doesn't bother me. All and all, a nice brow gel for untamed brows, I recommend :)

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: NYX Shine Killer!

I have super oily skin and every new primer that promises to keep oil in bay, I end up hauling. Someone would describe my situation desperate. That's what it is, or used to be for a long time. I now have, after 10 years of fighting back, accepted my oil issue. However, I still seek for help in products that promise shine-free face for the whole day. I don't know why because anyone with oily skin knows that there is no such thing as an oil-free day but yet I keep on throwing money around to see if this time it would be different. Do I sound bitter? :)

NYX is my favourite drugstore brand. I love the combination of great quality and low price. You just can't beat that. NYX came out with a new primer called Shine Killer and I was thrilled! Something cheap to help me with my slicky-face problem?

The first time I used Shine Killer, filled with excitement, I thought it looks like a regular, clear silicone based, primer. It applied really nicely on my skin and made it feel smooth and matte. But I also secretly thought "that's it?". It felt like a normal primer but nothing else. It didn't feel like a primer that's meant to prevent shine. And unfortunately, it didn't. My face started to look oily after about 30 minutes. After two hours my makeup looked like if I never even used a primer and needed a serious touch up. Shine Killer failed me big time. I wanted to give it a chance and used it for two weeks but it didn't start to work. I even felt that it was easier to apply my foundation without the primer. With mineral foundation the situation was no different, my makeup looked better and lasted longer without the primer.

The tube is also quite small, it has 20ml / 0.67 fl. oz of product. You don't need much but 20ml is just not enough for a face product. I paid around 13$ for mine at Cherry Culture. I now will stop buying primers that don't work and go back to Urban Decay De-slick in A Tube matifying gel. It works :)

This time NYX let me down but one product is not going to change my mind about NYX, it's still my favourite :)

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

NOTD: Essie Chinchilly!

I think there is no such thing as a beauty junkie who doesn't love taupe. Do you agree? I sure do love taupe! All kinds of taupes. In the form of eye shadow, nail polish, any piece of clothing really. Even my bath towels are taupe. I can't get enough.

Essie Chinchilly is The taupe to have in your nail polish collection. It's a brown gray, more on the gray and cool side. I love it. It was my first Essie nail polish and so far I'm really loving the formula. I love the pretty class bottles too. Essie nail polishes, at least here in Europe, have a wider brush. I'm not sure yet if I like or not, I find a smaller brush easier to use somehow.

Two coats was enough for full coverage. Maybe a third layer would have made it perfect. I found that my mani lasted 3-4 days without chipping, that's pretty good! One coat of Seche Clear Base Coat and Rimmel Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat on top. I'm loving this top coat! I run out of my Seche Vite and wanted to try something else. It's not fast drying but the results are great, it really gives a shiny finish that lasts. Inexpensive too, you must love that :)

Any suggestions for new taupe nail polishes? :)

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