Monday, July 9, 2012

Review & NOTD: Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail polishes in Lady Luck & Sunny Side Up!

I found some Wet n Wild nail polishes on sale and decided to try them out. I had the quality of Wet n Wild eye shadows in mind and decided to pay the 2€ per bottle and went home super excited :) I got two colors, Lady Luck and Sunny Side Up. I was drawn to the bright orange color eventhough I knew it would not look good on my pale skin. It would look amazing on someone with more tan but the color was just too pretty!

Let's start with Lady Luck. It's a gorgeous rasberry pink with silvery micro shimmer. Just super lovely! The color turned to the cool side on my nails, looks even prettier on my nails than it does in the bottle. Lasted maybe two days without chipping so the lasting power was quite average, I'd say. Two coats was enough. Dried pretty fast too! The only bad thing was the brush, made the application a bit challenging...too bad I didn't get a picture of the brush.

When I saw Sunny Side Up I knew it was coming home with me. It's a light and bright orange, it looks quite pastel but then it doesn't look quite pastel.. If you know what I mean?

Looks so pretty in the bottle! Unfortunately it turned out to look a bit dirty on my nails, not bright at all. Too warm for me, sadly.

All and all these Wet n Wild polishes made me happy. Now, listen. Materia does make you happy, especially pretty nail polish bottles with 2€ tags on them. The only thing that made me question my happiness was the brush. The quality of the brush is just poor, the bristles are hard and things soon got messy. It was difficult to use and just screamed cheap. The bottle looks nice though so I would have expected something else from the brush. Despite this, 2€ for a bottle was a bargain and I sure do love one :)

Thanks for reading!