Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: L'oréal Infallible Lasting Perfecting 16h Foundation

L'oréal is pretty much my least favourite brand. I don't have any of their makeup (except for one primer), it's just not appealing to me. I know L'oreal is a big company and it owns a lot of great other brands like Maybelline or Lancôme but L'oréal as a makeup brand is just too boring in my opinion.

But, as always, I'm a sucker for a great bargain and when I saw all L'oréal makeup 50% off in my local supermarket, I caved and purchased a foundation and a single eye shadow. Here's my review on the Infallible Lasting Perfecting Foundation.

I didn't have any great expectations before I tried it the first time. I've been using mineral foundation for a couple of years now and to me all liquid foundations now seem too high maintainance. Minerals are so easy and requires a lot less detail work than liquid foundation.

But I was surprised, Infallible is actually pretty easy to apply. It goes on smoothly and has a great coverage. Very easy to blend out and you don't need much to even out the skin tone. It does feel like a really good foundation!

It's pretty much medium to full coverage. My acne scars and red areas needed only a little bit of concealer after a light layer of Infallible. So if you are looking for a light, sheer cover foundation, this is not for you. But I want great coverage from my foundation and that's why I think it's a pretty good foundation.

Blends out nicely just with fingers and the coverage is great!

I got the lightest shade available called Porcelain (15). As you can see from the first three pictures, it matches my skin tone surprisingly well. I'm super pale and usually all drugstore foundations are too dark for me. I thought this time it would be different, but no. When the foundation dries, the color changes a bit. It turns into more pink and gets darker. It doesn't look pink in the jar but somehow creates a pink hue after drying. I will be able to use this mixed with a lighter foundation. There's no use saving this for the summer because I don't get tan. I only get red :)

About the lasting abilities, this foundation is definitely not a 16h foundation, it's ridiculous to even say that. With oily skin like mine, it looks nice about 3 to 4 hours, then you need to blot and powder. It would be great to have a normal skin and not have to fight with the oil issue all the time. But I'll propably never find out how that feels like. Well, I don't want to sound bitter, it's less wrinkles for me with oily skin, so yay.

All and all, a pretty good foundation if you're looking for great coverage!

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  1. great blog and post! which shade did you swatch?

  2. Thanks for your comment! :) I totally forgot to mention the shade, mine was the lightes shade, Porcelain.