Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Redken Body Full Shampoo and Conditioner

I usually don't review hair care products because I'm not that interested in hair stuff. But this time I'll make an exception and give a quick review! I really was disappointed and felt almost ripped off :)

I'm talking about Redken's Body Full Shampoo and Conditioner. Here in Finland this stuff is super expensive, it retails around 30€ per bottle! That is totally crazy, so I got mine cheaper online. Considering the price they ask for it, the shampoo and the conditioner are pretty basic. The shampoo is light but it doesn't clean my hair thoroughly. It doesn't give my hair volume and I also felt that I needed to wash my hair more often. The conditioner I like better, it's lightweight, like the bottle says, but it's pretty basic too. Nothing special and definitely doesn't give my hair any fullness. I'm disappointed and if I'd paid the normal retail price it would have been a ripp off. You can get better stuff for 3€ from your supermarket.

Plus she scent was pretty bad too, it was too strong and stayd in my hair for a long time. I'm sad that it didn't work out between me and Redken and now I have to find something else.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

MNY haul + NOTD!

I can't help myself, I found these MNY goodies 50% off and had to take a few home with me. I only paid 2,25€ for the eye shadow and the gloss and only 1,75€ for the nail polish, which turned out to be my favourite. MNY polishes are such good quality! They last almost a week without chipping, it's amazing.

The eye shadow is a light brown (125), it's a great satin color to use all over the lid or for blending. I don't know if it's really my color but it sure was cheap :) The gloss (365) is a warm peachy color with fine golden shimmer. It gives just a little wash of color for my lips, it's perfect. The scent is not overwhelming so I like these glosses. I have three others and I use them a lot. If a gloss has a bad smell, I can't use it. Vanilla scent is the worst!

Here's the NOTD, 341 is an orangy, coral red. Looks a lot more orange in the bottle than it does on the nails. A pretty color for summer. I love it! Nice quality, only two coats was enough with Seche Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

NOTD: Turquoise green from Depend (054)!

I've never owned a green nail polish so it was about time that I got one. I purchased this pretty turquoise green (054) from Depend. Only paid 2€ for it. It's a thick, creamy polish, only two coats was enough. I'm sad to say that the quality is not that good, with O.P.I. Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat this polish started chipping the next day. But it's super pretty and I will be using it a lot in the summer! It looks almost mint green in some pictures, but I guess it's turquoise green, almost a pastel color. Lovely indeed :)

I also got two other colors, a pretty salmon/coral red and a pastel peachy color. Will be testing them out next!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: L'oréal Infallible Lasting Perfecting 16h Foundation

L'oréal is pretty much my least favourite brand. I don't have any of their makeup (except for one primer), it's just not appealing to me. I know L'oreal is a big company and it owns a lot of great other brands like Maybelline or Lancôme but L'oréal as a makeup brand is just too boring in my opinion.

But, as always, I'm a sucker for a great bargain and when I saw all L'oréal makeup 50% off in my local supermarket, I caved and purchased a foundation and a single eye shadow. Here's my review on the Infallible Lasting Perfecting Foundation.

I didn't have any great expectations before I tried it the first time. I've been using mineral foundation for a couple of years now and to me all liquid foundations now seem too high maintainance. Minerals are so easy and requires a lot less detail work than liquid foundation.

But I was surprised, Infallible is actually pretty easy to apply. It goes on smoothly and has a great coverage. Very easy to blend out and you don't need much to even out the skin tone. It does feel like a really good foundation!

It's pretty much medium to full coverage. My acne scars and red areas needed only a little bit of concealer after a light layer of Infallible. So if you are looking for a light, sheer cover foundation, this is not for you. But I want great coverage from my foundation and that's why I think it's a pretty good foundation.

Blends out nicely just with fingers and the coverage is great!

I got the lightest shade available called Porcelain (15). As you can see from the first three pictures, it matches my skin tone surprisingly well. I'm super pale and usually all drugstore foundations are too dark for me. I thought this time it would be different, but no. When the foundation dries, the color changes a bit. It turns into more pink and gets darker. It doesn't look pink in the jar but somehow creates a pink hue after drying. I will be able to use this mixed with a lighter foundation. There's no use saving this for the summer because I don't get tan. I only get red :)

About the lasting abilities, this foundation is definitely not a 16h foundation, it's ridiculous to even say that. With oily skin like mine, it looks nice about 3 to 4 hours, then you need to blot and powder. It would be great to have a normal skin and not have to fight with the oil issue all the time. But I'll propably never find out how that feels like. Well, I don't want to sound bitter, it's less wrinkles for me with oily skin, so yay.

All and all, a pretty good foundation if you're looking for great coverage!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: NYX Single Eyeshadow in Taupe Pearl!

Like many others, I love neutral colors when it comes to wearing eye shadow. I'm not that interested playing with different colors and most days, when I'm wearing shadow, I wear just a nude color all over my lid or a lighter brown smokey eye. Most days I don't wear eye shadow at all, just mascara.

I've been collecting some pretty taupes and NYX Taupe Pearl is definitely one of them. Cooler or silvery taupes suit me better, but I like the warmer colors too. Taupe Pearl is on the warmer side but, oh, just so pretty! And the consistency is creamy and soft, very nice quality indeed!

Taupe Pearl is super pigmented! Here's the swatch pictures. No primer and just one sweep! Looks pretty and feels super soft. The finish is satin, just lovely and easy to work with.

For comparison, here's the silvery taupe from I Dream of Jamaica palette (the one in the middle). One of the best I've ever seen :)

I get my NYX products from Cherry Culture. These single eyeshadows are around $4. I don't even want to pay for the higher end brands when I can get really nice, quality stuff for $4. I love NYX :)

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