Sunday, February 26, 2012

NOTD: O.P.I. Cajun Shrimp!

I though I wouldn't like something this warm and coral this much. But I really love it! O.P.I. Cajun Shrimp is the perfect nail polish for spring and summer. Bright and pretty.

Amazing quality too, two coats was enough with O.P.I. Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. Lasted a few days without chipping. I think every girl should have a color like this in their collection :)

I really love Cajun Shrimp, I'm glad I got it :)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My favourite blushes! :)

I wanted to remind myself that what it actually was that inspired me to start my own blog. No, it was not nail polish and no, it was not waterproof mascara. It was blush! I've been looking for the perfect one and review many. What blushes have actually made it to my everyday makeup bag? I wanted to show you my current favourites and my most used blushes.

Make Up Store Must Have
. Super pigmented and very nice quality. A nice bright coral for springtime. I think it's not really my color but actually it looks great on me, somehow refreshing after using cool pink colors on my cheecks the whole winter. My current favourite!

Too Faced Candy Leopard. After saving this Leopard Love palette and not touching it for a long time, I recently started using it and Candy Leopard quickly became my go to - blush. The color and the finish are super pretty on me. Easy to apply and blend out, I love it! Have used it quite a bit already and Pink Leopard is a current favourite of mine.

NARS Angelika. Applies like a dream, blends out like no other. Ridiculously expensive but worth every penny! Probably my all time favourite and THE blush. Can't be sure though :)

NYX Mosaic Powder Paradise. I've had this pretty blush from NYX quite some time now and I've used it so much I've actually hit pan. I've used the bright pink that gives me the perfect flush of color with a pearly finish. Paradise is super pigmented and just amazing. I will definitely repurchase this baby.

Make Up Store Matt Glory. The perfect match for my complexion! A cool, almost purple pink and super pigmented too. I love this blush so much!

Fyrinnae Mesmerize. I'm out of words with this one. The perfect match for my complexion and the finish is just super pretty. I love it a lot, but I must admit that I don't reach for it as often as I should and that's because of it's powdery form. I find it easier to use pressed blushes, I find the powdery-ones just too difficult and time consuming.

NYX Powder Blush Taupe. It's my all time favourite for contouring, I've gone through many, at least four or five of them. It's perfect for pale girls because it truly is a cool taupe brown and has no orange tones in it. Super pigmented so you have use it lightly (which I don't do :)).

These were my most loved and used blushes. I'm always looking for new things, so let me know if you've purchased any nice blushes recently that also I should add to my collection!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NOTD: Sinful Colors Boogie Nights!

Well this shopping ban is going just great! I found Sinful Colors nail polishes in our local clothing store, didn't know we had Sinful Colors here in Finland. I paid the 3,95€ and went home with a new coral polish! It's super pretty, a soft coral, has a salmon tone maybe..? Looks quite the same with O.P.I. Cajun Shrimp that I just bought, but Cajun Shrimp is a bit brighter.

Three layers did the job nicely with O.P.I Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. I like the outcome, it's the perfect coral and just super pretty! I took some pictures in different lighting, in the last picture the color looks pretty close to reality.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little haul

Right after I started yet another shopping ban, I came across two amazing deals that I just couldn't pass by. I'm weak, yes. I started thinking all the money I would be saving! Then I soon found myself thinkig that I don't really have THAT much stuff anyway, so why not. Yes, I really like it here in denial!

I got OPI's RapiDry Top Coat and Cajun Shrimp. These were on sale know. In reality I just really wanted to have a bright coral red that matched perfectly my new poppy red jeans!

Now this was a great deal! Two of my favourite mascaras for byu one get one free. I love Lumene's Blueberry Curl mascara in waterproof (review here).

That's all! I don't need to feel bad about such a teeny tiny haul right?

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NOTD: Classic red from MNY!

I really like the quality of MNY polishes. For 3,50€ you get a color that lasts almost all week and you don't need to layer it that much, two coats usually is enough. Lovely!

This classic red is the 353. I've been wearing it when I go out, works nicely paired with a classic winged liner and red gloss. I'm still yet to try the red lipstick, I'm getting there! Two coats was enough, with OPI Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat (best stuff..)

The color looks a bit too light in the first two pictures, here you can see that it actually looks darker, a bit like a cherry red. Pretty as a picture for sure :)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Coastal Scents brush haul + review!

When it comes to brushes I've always invested more on quality face brushes. Now that I'm more into eye shadows again I wanted to add some things to my brush collection but didn't want to spend a fortune on them. I turned to Coastal Scents because actually my most used brush for contouring is by CS and I love it. So I got a few eye brushes but of course I fell for the Pink Kabuki too :)

But let's start with a face brush. Destiny Kabuki On A Stick is a natural bristle medium size kabuki with a long handle. I got it for blush and it's perfect for that! It's pretty tense and applies blush like a dream. It's not the softest blush brush I have but I really like it. It was only $5,95.

I got three of their new eye brushes, this one is a Classic Shadow Large brush with natural bristles. It really is large! It's too large for my eyes so I've used it on my face for highlighting. It's soft and the handle part feels sturdy. Really nice for $2,49. Only the big size cought me by surprise. Looks a bit shabby on the picture but I haven't seen any shedding.

The Classic Shadow Medium brush is great for eye shadow application, I use it to apply color all over my lid. Still the size is a lot bigger than I would have thought! It's soft and tense. I like it. Paid $2,49 for it.

This Classic Shadow Dome brush ($2,99)with natural bristles turned out to be quite big too! I thought I could use it for small detail work in the crease but I find it too big for that. I have to say that I'm used to smaller brushes, someone else might find this to be the perfect size! It's actually great for smudging darker shadow close to the lash line. It's tense but still soft.

This Pro Blending Fluff brush has turned out the be my favourite. Perfect for blending or applying color in the crease area. It's soft and just works great! $3,95 only :)

Precision Detail brush ($3,95) is perfect for detail work like adding color in the lash line or tear dot. I find it a bit scratchy though if you point it directly but it gets the job done nicely!

I wanted to get the Destiny Precision Angled Liner Brush for the Gel Liner, I didn't have this type of angled liner before. It's synthetic and I have washed it couple of times and the few bristles that is has are still the same, no shedding. Great liner brush and cheap, $2,19. I really love a bargain :)

This super lovely Pink Kabuki ($4,95) is the cutest one ever. It's also probably the softest kabuki I've ever owned. It's just the perfect size for blending out blush or contour lines. I love it!

I also got a Gel Liner in True Black since I've heard a great deal of good things about it. But unfortunately it was dried out. I got a refund from Coastal Scents, so that was really nice of them.

All and all I'm very pleased and happy with my order, I like all the brushes. I have to get another gel liner though, I think I'll go with Inglot, I've read some great reviews.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Collective Haul! It's time to confess :)

I've been spendig way too much money lately, it pains to even think about it! But not all was wasted, I've invested in some nice, quality hair products. Hair is always a good thing to invest in! But also I've been hoarding new nail polishes like no tomorrow. With too many new polishes you also need to have a good base coat (my OPI is almost gone) and a nice top coat...and some other not nail related - stuff all the new eye shadows. And some powdery things...oh boy.

  • Tigi S-Factor Serious Conditioner
  • Tigi S-Factor Papaya Leave-in Moisture Spray
  • Tigi S-Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray

  • Redken Body Full shampoo
  • Redken Body Full Light conditioner

  • Seche Clear Base Coat
  • Seche Vite Top Coat

While back (like last year) I made an order at iHerb too, I got a lots of stuff that I actually needed!

  • Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque
  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub
  • Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Oil Control Lotion
  • Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash
  • Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Pads
  • Desert Essence Lip Rescue lip balm
  • EcoTools Retractable Kabuki x 2
  • EcoTools Concealer Brush
Ok, there's more. Some make up that I haven't shown you or reviewed yet. Plus the eye shadows I've reviewed already. Oh wow, I think I need to stop what I'm doing here.

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Lumene Natural Code Matt Makeup Foundation
  • Lumene Natural Code Mineral Powder
  • Oriflame powder
  • Meow Cosmetics mineral foundation
  • Meow Cosmetics mineral concealer
  • Everyday Minerals Oval Concealer Brush x2
  • Everyday Mineral Dome Blending Eye Brush
  • Burt & Bees Honey Lip Balm
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Smoky Eyes (reviewed here)
  • Wet n Wild Silent Treatment (reviewed here)
  • MNY My Varnish nail polishes in 261 & 265 (see 261 in action here)

Wow that's a lot of stuff for one person when you put it like this. To my consolation (almost) everything was on sale and iHerb is an affordable place to shop anyways. Nevertheless, I feel pretty bad right now. I did not expect this to be a reality check but it was and now I need to stop buying stuff.

Thanks for reading!

Ps. I have a package from Coastal Scents on it's way, that doesn't count, right?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Wet n Wild Silent Treatment!

I wanted to get the most famous palette from Wet n Wild, the Silent Treatment. Yes, it's the one with The Taupe. Here's my pictures, swatches and quick review :)

I threw away the two applicators that came with the palette, totally useless to me.

A pretty combination of colors! Light peachy pink for highlighting, this one is pretty! Also a dark shimmery brown and then the lovely silvery taupe. The taupe has satin finish and well, I'm out of words :)

The silvery taupe color looks lovely, just lovely. To me it seems to have a slight purple tone. I've seen a lot of swatches and most of the times it looked like a cool silvery taupe. But when I swatched it on my skin it does have a clear purplely tone, maybe that's the way it turns out on my complexion, I am abnormally pale after all :)

Is it just my poor skills of swatching or what, but I dont't think my palette is that pigmented than in all the reviews I've read and the pictures I've seen. Could it be? The dark shimmery brown is definitely not the most pigmented color I've seen. I don't know. Pretty anyway and I know I'll be using a lot of that gorgeous taupe!

Most likely this post offered nothing new that you haven't already seen or read. Nice quality and cheap price. Everyone should have this palette, I think it looks pretty almost on everyone :)

Thanks for reading!

*I just noticed! My palette says "Silent TREAMENT". And the name does not appear in French as it used to. Did I get a second edition that's not that good than the first one...?