Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Smoky Eyes!

I have not bought a blush in ages! I just haven't seen anything that would interest me. This is sad! But instead I've been lusting over taupe eye shadows. Specially silvery and cooler ones. Now I've found something very nice and pretty and from a supermarket! It's the Maybelline Eye Studio Smoky Eyes Quad. I don't know if this is a new thing or if they've had it out for some time now...? Anyway, I didn't have to think twice before taking it home with me. I wanted to do an EOTD for you but there's just not enough daylight to take good pictures. My camera isn't that good, too bad! I will try later though!

The palette has 4 gorgeous cool toned eye shadows, one lighter silvery shade, two taupe shadows and a shimmery black meant as a liner. Look how pretty! I've been looking for a cooler taupe and now, lucky me, I found it at drugstore price!

Shadow number two was the one that cought my eye in the first place. It's a silvery brown, the perfect taupe for me. On my skin it looks a bit purple, which is fine. Loving it!

The shade number 3 is a darker purple toned taupe. It's super pigmented! Satin finish, it's just lovely and something that I didn't have in my collection.

All the colors go very well together! The black liner color is the only one that is not that pigmented and I find a bit hard to work with. It's a bit chalky. Maybe it would work used wet, haven't tried yet. But I have many blacks in my collection and I'm super happy with the first three colors. Me, the girl, who once used only mascara as eye makeup, is now hoarding eye shadows and wearing smokey eyes at daytime!

Here's the (poor) swatches. I'm so sorry. The lighter taupe looks very pretty, did I say that already? The darker purplely taupe is so pigmented! All the colors are satin finish except the black one which has silvery shimmers. I think this palette will take the place as my most loved palette from NYX's I Dream of Jamaica. These colors just work so well on my pale skin!

*edit. I added some new swatches because the last two pictures are just...bad. As you can see, I still couldn't get the black to work the way I wanted, but it doesn't matter, the first three colors are amazing!

Thanks for reading!

Ps. Let me know if any of you have bought any new and pretty blushes lately :)


  1. Oliko sulla kokemusta Mschicin poskipunista? Ainakin Oulun Seppälöissä on jo kesästä lähtien myyty Mschicin meikkejä alennuksella ja ite sain hankittua joulun jälkeen merkin poskipunan 3 eurolla! Jos jossain sun lähistöllä on Seppälä niin kannattaa käydä katsomassa onko siellä ale meikkejä. Itse ostin sävyn Blushing Bride ja se on mun mielestä aika täydellinen poskipuna ihan jokapäiväiseen käyttöön. Muutenkin vaikutti Mschicin poskipunat ihan laadukkailta ja pigmenttiä oli hyvin.
    Toivottavasti ei haittaa, että linkitin sun blogin omaan tuoreeseen blogiini(kosmetiikkakaaos)?

    1. Hei Johis, ja kiitos vain linkityksestä! Jäänkin odottelemaan sun seuraavia postauksia :)

      Mschicin poskipunia olen kyllä ihastellut ja hypistellyt aikanaan Seppälässä mutta en koskaan tullut ostaneeksi. Mschicin nettisivuilla olen myös ihastellut heidän uudistuneita puniaan, mutta en ole vielä ainakaan tehnyt tilausta...! Kovin ovat kauniita! Kuten myös ne siveltimet...ja huulipunat..ja se korostuspuuteri... :)