Friday, November 25, 2011

NYX haul! :) we are again. Cherry Culture was having 40% off all NYX items. Took me about 5 minutes to order my wish list! I got all kinds of beautifulness in the mail the other day. Let's see :) Sorry about the dark pictures, we hardly get any daylight at this time of the year.

  • Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit -I love neutrals and I was hoping this palette has some pretty taupe colors. I'll be posting a full post later!
  • Highlight & Contour Powder - This new item from NYX was something that I really wanted. I love highlighters, as you might know, and use them with a heavy hand. The contouring powder also looks like it's just brown and not orange. I'll review it later too.
  • Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polishes in Forever Young, Delectable and Beige Glitter - It turns out that I'm a nail polish hoarder after all. Delectable turned out to be the most beautiful polish I've seen in a while. I'm super excited about these, 15 ml/0,52 fl oz bottles for only around $4.
  • Single eye shadow in Taupe Pearl - I'm looking for a pretty, cool taupe. This one is on the warmer side but still very pretty and super pigmented!
  • Mosaic Powder in Highlight - I went through yet another one of these so I ordered one for backup.
  • Blotting Paper - cheap and gets the job done, love it!

Look at these pretty ones... Forever Young is a lovely strawberry red with gold flakes and glitter. I don't know that much about nail polishes so I can't really tell you more about the finishes. I just know pretty when I see it! Delectable, in the middle, is my favourite.

The Highlight & Contour Powder looks nice with the white packaging. I think it will be great for traveling.

The Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit has 9 eye shadows and 2 lipglosses. Amazing combination of neutrals, can't wait to try it!

Taupe Pearl. Lovely!

Highlighter, my all time favourite :) Pearly finish, no glitter. I love it so much!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Mádara Ecohair Shampoo and Conditioner!

I've had these hair products from Mádara for a long time and just recently I finished them. So here's my review!

I must say that I really like the green and sophisticated packaging. They look nice in my shower and I really like that. I also like the fact that these products are all natural, the shampoo has an Ecocert. I can't remember the price, I'd say they are somewhere around 10€. These products have a nice natural scent, it reminds me of hay or a medow, to me it's not bothering.

I wasn't expecting much from the Colour & Shine Shampoo, these natural shampoos tend to not wash my hair thoroughly. Mádara's shampoo for colored hair isn't, unfortunately, an exception. It does lather nicely though! But it makes my long hair a bit tangled. My hair feels clean but actually it's not clensed from the hairspray and other stuff I put in my hair. It's simply just not enoug for my hair. Also the consistency is a bit too watery for my taste so some of the product might slip through your fingers in the shower.

But the Nourish & Repair conditioned for damaged hair is a whole another story! This conditioner caught me by surprise and yes, I'm loving it! I like how it smells but the best part is that it really makes my hair feel conditioned but not heavy, AND it's natural. Obviously you can't get the exact same results you get with normal conditioner, let's say for example from Tigi, but for a natural conditioner it's just great! The longer you let it stay in your hair the better are the results.

So, the shampoo didn't do much for me but the conditioner is great and I probably will repurchase it. My long hair loved it :) I wish I could find an all natural shampoo that really makes my hair clean, like super clean. Please let me know, if any of you have found one :)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NOTD: Dark purple with girly glitter :)

I'm not supposed to be that into nails, but lately I've found myself hoarding some new polishes. It turns out that I'm actually allergic to some of the ingredients in nail polish but still sometimes I do my nails. It makes me feel more put together :)

MNY's 552 is a really dark purple and looks gorgeous worn just alone. I added some glitter this time. The color varies in different lighting so I took three different pictures. Two coats was enough for full coverage! I like the quality of MNY nail polishes and they retail only for 3,50€.

One coat of OPI Base Coat, two layers of the purple and one layer of Lumene's Go Glittery and one coat of Malava's Quick-Finish.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My current favourites!

I tried to keep up my monthly favourites for like...two months! So now I've settled only for these current favourites of mine. Here they are :)

  • Sante Bio-Goji & Olive Handcream - I needed a daily handcream and this one just smells amazing! A good moisturiser to use during the day, light consistency and soaks in quickly. Loving it!
  • Desert Essence Lip Rescue Lipbalm - Probably the best natural lipbalm I've ever tried. I love the scent, it's very light but somehow stunning and it moisturises really well. I'm afraid I will use this up too quickly and I don't have a back up...!
  • MNY My Gloss in 565 - A nice nude and peachy gloss that is not too sticky and smells ok. I've been into nude lips lately.
  • GOSH pencil brush - A super soft brush that I use for my outer v and to add some darker color to my lashline. I reach for this the most when I'm doing a smokey eye.
  • NYX I Dream of Jamaica eye shadow palette - With this palette I can do a quick brown smokey eye and not go wrong. It has the perfect taupe color that I've been loving lately so much! You can see the palette in action in here.
  • MNY single eye shadows in 309 and 903A - I've worn that light taupe color a lot! I use it for blending or just alone on the lid. The light shampagne color is great for highlight under the brow bone but I have actually used it to highlight my whole face too. I was not expecting to love these cheap eye shadows from MNY this much! Great stuff :)
  • NYX Mosaic Powder in Paradise - This blush is so pigmented! I've used the lighter pink side the most. Paradise is easy to blend and gives just amazing glow.
So that's all, I really have to post these favourites more often, I really like writing them and also enjoy reading about other's favourites!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Too Faced Holiday 2011 Collection: Glamour to Go - Dream Edition Palette!

I had plenty of other necessary beauty products on my shopping list but they all had to be postponed because I really wanted this amazing palette from Too Faced's Holiday 2011 collection. Last year's collection was super pretty but unfortunately I didn't buy anything from that collection. This year I didn't wait for too long to make a purchase plus this palette was only something around 20€!

As usual, Too Faced has the prettiest packaging. It's everything a girl can ask for :)

A pretty, plastic container with lovely detailing. You just have to love it! Look at that little bow...

It's quite small, a real pocket-size palette. I wouldn't carry this precious thing in my purse though. Too pretty!

Here's the whole thing... 8 eye shadows, a blush, a lipgloss and a bronzer.

A mix of 8 pretty, everyday wearable eye shadows. I love my neutrals and this palette has just a lovely mix of them. A basic grey and black, a brown and some lighter colors too for highlighting. A bright purple to spice it up a little and then a lovely taupe!

The two pretty highlight colors will be loved, that's for sure :)

There's also a matte dark brown, a peach satin color and this amazing electric purple! It's super pretty and it has some blue shimmers, absolutely gorgeous. And then my favourite, the taupe! I love taupes and this one is super cute. It a mix of grey and brown with a light purple tone. It's the only color I dared to swatch, the other ones are just too pretty to use just yet! I want to spend some more time just watching this palette and NOT use it. Now that's a true sign of a makeup junkie! (read this funny post from Pink Sith)

I got the palette mainly because of the eye shadows but an extra blush is always a good thing! It's a pretty shimmery pink peach. It's on the warm side and is probably not the best match for me but will be used anyways! I would have liked a true cool pink instead. There's a pink gloss, so why not match the blush with it? The bronzer is quite light, maybe it could work as a highlighter used over the blush, we'll see.

The blush looks too pink here, it's actually more peachy!

Here's a close-up and a swatch from that gorgeous taupe!

Edit 1/10/2012 Added some swatch photos :)

I'm loving my new baby, that's for sure!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Wet n Wild eye shadow palette "Lust" !

I'm probably the last one to jump on the Wet n Wild eye shadow wagon, but better late than never! This Lust - palette gaught my eye while shopping the other day and since I'm on a budget right now I decided that I can splurge the 4€ that this lovely palette retailed for. I knew that Wet n Wild shadows are super pigmented and very good quality but still I was surprised. This palette is so ridiculously pigmented! Oh wow :) Here's my quick review and some (poor) swatch pictures. I'm so sorry, but there's not that much daylight here at this time of the year. The pictures were taken without a primer and the swatches are pretty light.

Lust has a variety of matt purple colors and a mix of shimmery colors. I love that shimmery dark purple/brown and that nude shimmery color!

The matt darker colors I found a bit hard to work with. They are so pigmented and I'm not that good with blending and I do have that heavy hand with make up, so usually with these it goes very very...wrong :) The light pink is just lovely, great for blending because it's not shimmery!

The shimmery colors will get some more use, I think! The beige nude color with subtle shimmer is just great, I love it! The grey is super soft and very easy to work with. The dark brown/black/purple looks dark purple in the pan but turns out to be this gorgeous dark shimmery brown when swatched. It has a purple shimmer? I don't know, very hard to describe this one but it sure is pretty.

Worth the 4€ I paid for it! A great mix of colors and a great shimmery nude! I'm very happy with my purchase. I now might have to go get the palette that has that gorgeous taupe..

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: NYX Slim Eye Pencils - the glittery versions!

When I saw these glittery eye pencils from NYX for only under $2 each, well, you know the story, had to have them and so on. I somehow forgot to post about the pens but now I want to show them to you because I think they are just brilliant!

I got three shades, Black Glitter, Crystal Glitter and Lavender Glitter. The names are quite boring but these pens sure are not.

I usually stay away from chunky glitter, I'm not a fan. Plus it irritates my eyes so glitter and I just don't match. However, at this price I can make an exception :)

Lovely basic eye pens with silvery glitter!

The consistency is much softer than I expected. I thought the glitter would be harsh on my eyes but it's actually not. The color pay-off is nice! To me it seems that the glitter stays put and is not all over my face at the end of the day. Not that I would wear glitter during the day but you know what I mean. I like Black Glitter the most, it's very subtle and adds just a little bit of sparkle and edge to my eyes. Crystal Glitter looks amazing in the inner corner of my eyes or just worn alone on the upper lash line. Lavender Glitter I haven't worn that much, it's a pretty color but I just like the versatile Black and Crystal better.

All and all, for under $2 each, I'm very pleased that I finally crossed over to the glittery side. Glittery liners is a good way to start, I think. It's still a long way to go to loose glitter, but you never know. I bought a bronzer so why not glitter too?

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