Saturday, May 28, 2011

My current favourite lip combo!

I'm not a big lipstick girl, I only favour colors that are close to my own lip color. I wanted to show you my favourite lip combination, I wear this combination the most. The result is indeed close to my own lipcolor and it's very wearable on everyday basis! It's the basic rosey lips.

First I line and fill in my lips with We Care Icon (sold only in Finland) Smooth Wear Lipliner in shade Perfect Rose. Just plain lovely!

It goes on so smoothly, just like the name says. Here's the swatch with some blending.

Then I apply my favourite lipstick! It's the We Care Icon Moisture Wear Lipstick in shade 16, it's a neutral rosey color. This is so moisturizing! It does not make my lips feel dry but on the other hand it's not that long lasting. I have to apply it many times a day if I want the finished look to last all day.It's not that pigmented but if it moisturizes my lips, then it's ok. I hate dry lips!

Here's the combination on my lips. Looks very natural and not too made up. I like it the natural look with lips, I don't know why. I guess you can't overdo everything! I sure do try everyday...

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer Potion

I'm back! Sorry about the silence, I've been really busy with work.
But today I had to sit down and write about this product from Urban Decay because I have some things to say...unfortunately they are not good. The product is called Pore Perfecting Primer Potion.

My favourite primer, the Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube Maffifying gel (reviewed here) run out and then I suddenly decided to go the other way and picked out another primer from Urban Decay. I seriously don't know what got into me, this is for large pores and I don't even have that problem! I think it was the price, this one retailed for the same amount of money ($25) but you get more product in this tube. Smart thinking, some of you might say... But after finding this product completely useless for me, not so smart.

The tube packaging is actually very cleaver. You twist the cap and then you squeeze the tube. Very hygienic and convenient, I'll say.

But the product itself is not working for me. It's white paste, no scent. Very easy to apply but leaves a some kind of white canvas on your skin that can be noticeable if you apply too much product. Of course this is not a problem if you apply foundation over the primer. After applying this UD primer my skin does feel smooth but I can't really tell you details about the pore minimizing effect because I don't have that problem (thank goodness, I think my face already has enough problems...!)

After applying my foundation my skin looks smooth and allright, but unfortunately this product does not work as oil controlling base, not at all. My skin gets oily about in 20 minutes like I never even applied primer. My foundation starts to move and fade after that and I don't appreciate that at all.

But the package is pretty, I tell you that! The shiny purple color and the decorations and the mushrooms...very lovely indeed!

Here's the INCI if you are interested.

For a person who needs help with large pores and has normal skin this would probably work perfectly! So I'm not saying this is a bad product, not at all, it just didn't work for me.

I'm so disappointed and sad that it didn't work out between Pore Perfecting Prime Potion and me. I learned yet another lesson, girl with an oily face like mine shoud not stray from the path. I found a perfect oil controlling product for me but then I wanted to go the other way. Like 500 steps backwards! Not the way to go, girls.