Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Maybelline Define-A-Lash waterproof mascara

This mascara is the big sister for the Volume version as it came out first during the rubber wand boom. I reviewed the Volume verision here.

Define-A-Lash is supposed to give you definition with no clumps and sensuously long lashes. Sensuously...oh well, let's see if it does that!

The wand is curved from the bottom. So this means you have to hold the wand the right way. I'm not a big fan of this type of a design. The product comes out of the tube unevenly with this type of a wand and I have to get rid of the excess.
This wand is also kind of bendy, feels almost a bit too flimsy. It makes the application a bit difficult.

But! The outcome is great if you take your time with the application. Nice definition and no clumps indeed. I really like the outcome. My lashes are already long so I don't really need more length and therefore don't know about the lengthening abilities of this mascara. I don't seek that so I don't really pay attention to that matter.

To be honest, I don't really see the difference between the Volume version and this one when it comes to the outcome. Defines my lashes and holds the curl very nicely, no problems there! But if I had to choose I would go with the Volume one because of the sturdier wand and easier application. If the wand is flimsy I feel it's just hard to work with.

All and all a good mascara if we only look at the outcome. I think my lashes are quite sensuous... Not that user friendly so I have to say that I probably will not repurchase. I will get the Volume one.

And I must add that both of these mascaras are easy to remove. I've had no problems with that. Some waterproof mascaras are just very difficult to remove, but not these Maybelline ones.

And a little heads up for you my dear readers. I'm going on a vacation so there won't be posts for a little while. But my destination has Sephora, I can tell you that...I'm already concerned.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: We Care Icon Magnetic Lips lipglosses

A lipgloss review coming up!

This brand called We Care Icon is only sold here in Finland by a big department store Sokos. It's a very affordable brand that according to their words want to emphasize ecological values. That's what the trend is right now.

I have two of the Magnetic Lips Perfect Shine Lipglosses. The shades are 1 Natural Gloss and 4 True Rose.

I have been using these for some time now to give you my opinions. I chose these two very safe colours. One of them is a clear cool pink color and the other one is a rosey neutral color.

1 Natutal Gloss is just a basic clear gloss with a hint of pink in it. The pink colour does not show up on the lips, but this is a nice basic gloss worn with a pinky lip liner or lipstick. These glosses have a very neutral vanilla like scent. It's very subtle and doesn't bother me.

4 True Rose is a very pigmented rosey gloss with no shimmer. It's actually so pigmented for a gloss that I find it hard to apply without a mirror. Staying power is also good, with both of these glosses!

There's a one but. We Care Icon glosses have the brush applicator. Yes, I'm not a fan. Probably because I'm bad at using the brush type applicators. I get the gloss all over my face with the brush. Maybe it's just me (no, it's not). I like a sturdy wand for my glosses.

These are the sticky type that I personally am not that fond of. I mean I do like it that a color stays on a decent time but I don't like the sticky feeling and my hair getting glued to my lips (not that flattering).

But I know some people like the sticky ones better, so if you are one of them I would recommend We Care Icon glosses for you. And if you don't mind the brush applicator! After all these are good basic glosses with a great color range available. I just don't like the brush applicator that much.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume waterproof mascara

Hi there!

Today I decided to review this relatively new favourite of mine. It's the Define-A-Lash Volume by Maybelline in waterproof. And of course in waterproof, that's the only way I like it.

I think it's not worth paying ridiculous amounts of money for a high end brand when it comes to mascaras. You can get equally fine products from the drugstore ranges, you just take less damage. I'm also one of those girls who use their mascara for the three or four months and then gets rid of it. So I don't want to waste my money! I do work hard for my money after all.

Ok, enough with the lecturing. On to the mascara! Ok, a bad thing first. The cap feels a bit loose to me! I really have to make sure it's really closed after using this mascara. Maybe it's not in all of them, I just happened to have a bad one. The text has also worn off after soaking this in my everyday makeup bag. Well, doesn't really matter.

The wand is the rubber one, I have liked the rubber ones for a long time now. I don't see myself going back to the regular ones any time soon. It would have to be a really good one to make me do it. Like the Benefit BadGal Lash that I've heard raves about...I just feel like the rubber wands give me the definition that I seek for in a good mascara. I have quite good amount of lashes and they are long (yes, I have been blessed) so I've noticed that the rubber ones just work the best for me. The volume is a plus.

The wand in Define-A-Lash Volume is quite big and a bit curved towards the edges. I have no bad thing to say about this wand! Definitely no clumps with this one!

Like the mascara promises, no clumps and good separation. The name says volume on it but I really don't see it giving me that much volume. That is the problem with most waterproof mascaras, the texture of the mascara is so different. You have to apply this with patience and with multiple small strokes before if dries. If you add layers of after the first one's dried, that's no good. Girls, don't do it.

But what I'm really looking for is the definition and that I get with this one! Towards the end the definition wasn't that good anymore because the mascara started to dry out, but that's what happens with every mascara.

The results are pretty good. And my curls stays all day! That's a very important aspect in my opinion. So to me Define-A-Lash Volume is a great mascara! I will repurchase most definitely.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My favourite NYX palettes!

I wanted to show you my favourite NYX eyeshadow palettes. I love NYX shadows, great quality combined with low price. You can't beat that!

My absolute favourite is Sahara/Suede/Chocolate. Perfect neutral colors for everyday wear. All colors are satin finish, very subtle indeed but not boring at all. Amazing pigmentation and soft texture. I reach for this palette the most.

White/Gray/Black is a palette with basic colors. Unfortunately White is very hard to work with, the color payoff is quite poor. But I love this palette because of the Black! Amazing pigmentation and the color really is black, not gray or something in between, it's black and I love it.

This palette is called Ceramic. It has very similar colors, the left one is a gray/black with shimmer and the other two are just slightly different shades of gray with shimmer. This palette is great for a dark smokey eye! I wish the black one could be just a bit more...black. I love it anyways. In the picture this palette is swatched with a light hand. Didn't do a very good job with that...!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

January Favourites!

Oh dear, have I been neglecting these favourites or what! I'm truly sorry. But I haven't felt like posting about favourites because I honestly have been using pretty much the same products. But now I have some new loved-ones to show you!

  • Make Up Store blush in Matt Glory. What can I say, I'm still in love with this! Review can be found here.
  • NYX Megashine lipgloss in La La is a lovely, almost neon pink with a subtle shimmer. This turned out to be very wearable on my lips, looks nice cherry bubblegum pink. Very pigmented too but can be applied lightly. I love it!
  • China Glaze nail polish in Sugar High matches my NYX gloss perfectly. My all time favourite of pink polishes.
  • Dermosil Devoted Eye Liner is a soft black liner. It's actually all natural (has an ECOcert) and a very pigmented one! I've also used it on my waterline and liking it very much indeed. I think I need to do some research about the natural makeup brands...
  • The Balm Balm lip balm is also all natural and has helped with my chopped lips during this dry winter season. I love this stuff and I sure do have some back ups. It doesn't have a scent, which is ok. This balm goes everywhere with me.
  • Everyday Minerals Pearl Beige is a subtle shimmering finishing powder. Most people highlight with it but I use it all over my face. I recently run out of my two favourite highlighters and Pearl Beige has been a replacement. Works nicely, no glittery effect at all, just plain glow. Love it too.
  • Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer in shade 01 Lite. This is a creamy just perfect concealer for my blemishes and scars. I have used this lightly under my eyes too, not bad at that eather. Excellent coverage!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who abuses highlighters like this, one might ask.

I don't get it. I have the oiliest skin and yet my most used product is a highlighter. Now I have really exceeded myself, today I finished up two at the same time! I'm a one big highlighter abuser.

I finished two my all time favourites, NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlight and Mschic (a finnish brand) Skunkmiracle Highlightin powder from the LE Skunk collection. These were my favourite type, no glitter of shimmer at all, just pearly glow. And now I'm about to burst in tears, I have no backup from the NYX one and the Mschic one was limited edition. I'm devastated. Also by the fact that this was maybe my third or fourth Mosaic Powder.

I seek for your help, if anyone has one of those Mschic powders lying around unused and unloved, could you please contact me? I'm desperate.

Goodbye my loved ones.

I can only seek comfort in the fact that my vacation is coming soon and I get to go to a huge Sephora in Paris. NARS Albatross on my mind.