Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: Avon Face Pearls

I've got another highlighter for you! I haven't really been buying anything lately, so I decided to test some Avon products since I hadn't tried them yet.

I ordered the Avon Face Pearls, these are the illuminating ones. There are also bronzing ones and ones that have more sparkle and glitter.

The packaging is pretty sleek and simple. I like it. Black is always classic.

It come with this...thing that keeps the pearls in their place so they won't get broken.

So pretty! There are lighter and darker pearls mixed. I just love looking at them! Ah.

Avon face pearls are not glittery at all, it gives you subtle glow with a warm peachy tone. Pale girls like me can use this as a blusher too, the color blended comes out as a warm peachy pink. The glow is not too much at all, you can easily wear this on everyday basis and not get the wet look at all. I'm liking this a lot! To be honest, I didn't have any expectations, Avon as a brand has not appealed to me that much. So I'm positively surprised.

One minus is the size of the package, the container is too big for my taste and you can't really carry this around in your makeup bag. And if you did, the pearls might get squashed. But all and all a pretty good highligher for daytime use! I would recommend if you want to avoid the glittery/shimmery effect but still bring some light to your complexion.

I swatched a lighter pearl and a darker one separately. I wasn't able to get a good picture from the blended outcome.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some goodies I won!

Hi there!

I was so lucky to be the winner of a blog giveaway hosted by Nea from Fashioned in Finland, one of my favourite blogs.

I'm so happy, I've never won anything from a blog giveaway before this. Yay!

I got two Sleek palettes, the famous Storm and Good Girl. I also got the Shu Uemura Lash Curler and a generous amount of blush and glow samples from The All Natural Face.

First the Sleek palettes, I was most excited over these!

The Storm palette. I'm sure you've seen some swatches so here are just some pictures of these palettes.

The Good Girl palette. These colors may be a bit too bright for my taste for eye makeup but I've already used some of the colors as a blush, works very nicely like that and the colors are amazing! Pigmentation is very good indeed!

I've heard so many good things about this curler, so let's see if this replaces my Tweezerman.

Here are the pictures of the blush and glow samples from The All Natural Face. I think I'm going to swatch these later. Very pretty colors! You can see the names on the sample bags.

Thank you Nea!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EOTD with NYX I Dream of Jamaica palette

Hello there my dear readers!

Today some special stuff, EOTD that is! Sorry for the dark pictures, decent daylight has been MIA in this corner of the world for some time now. But spring is coming soon, I sure do hope so...

Products used for this look:

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-NYX I Dream of Jamaica palette
-NYX Eye Pencil Extreme Black
-NYX Black (over the liner)
-Isadora Inlined kajal in Blonde
-Maybelline NY Define-A-Lash Volume WP mascara

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: NYX Powder Blush in Peach!

Another blush review coming. This time it's another NYX Powder Blush, this is the Peach. Like the name says, it's a light peachy color with a hint of pink in it. It was hard to capture the real color, it looks more pink in these pictures than it actually is.

Again great quality! Combined with low price, so you gotta love it!

Peach has a matt finish with great pigmentation. The color is light and subtle so this is perfect for the pale girls like me. This is on the warm side so it's not a perfect match with my skin tone but usable anyway. I usually like the color to pop more but that's just me, I've used this quite a lot anyway! Applies so smoothly, like a dream! NYX blushes retail for about $6. I got mine from Cherry Culture.

I most definitely recommend NYX blushes. Lovelovelove them!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream


Some time ago I hauled Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream from The Body Shop. It's certified natural cosmetics and I was really looking forward trying out a new eye cream. Now it's time to tell you what I think about this product!

First off, the packaging looks quite plain and simple. Green color over a grey package can be pleasant but nothing special there. The colors try to give the impression of nature which is quite ok because this is organic stuff. I would have hoped for more color but only because I'm a sucker for pretty packages. To someone else the package does not matter this much. I like the pump bottle, more hygienic than a tube or a jar!

Moving on to the product itself. The Body Shop says that this eye cream is for the first signs of ageing and that it's smoothing and it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles with organic babassu oil. So I thought it would give me at least moisture. I don't think any cream can really reduce wrinkles that much. But I had really high hopes for this cream when it comes to moisturising!

When I first applied this cream I thought it felt nice, kind of light texture and it was easy to apply. I still feel that way but then I started to think maybe the texture was a bit too light for me. My skin is very sensitive around eyes and I'm picky about the products I use in that area.

My thoughts were confirmed after using Smoothing Eye Cream for a while. As it turns out, unfortunately this puffs my eyes. In the morning there is definite puffiness in my eye area, not just the bags under the eye. I know I'm supposed to apply eye cream very lightly and some people even avoid the lid area. I want moisture all over my eye area and I want it to feel like it's moisturised enough. What this product fails to do is to give me enough moisture with a small amount of product. I must have applied this too much and then in the morning I can see the results...I don't agree that this could be just my fault. It was obvious that if this stuff puffed my eyes my wrinkles would not be reduced.

Then I noticed that there are tiny mica particles in this eye cream that can actually be seen with bare eye. I think they are supposed to bring light under your eyes but I don't like it at all. For me that is just a no-no in a cream that I apply on my skin. Make up is another thing.

This could be a good eye cream for those who don't need that much moisture than I do. So I'm not saying this is not good stuff, it just wasn't suitable for me. I really wanted to like this product because it's all natural and seemed so good in the beginning. But I think I need to go find a new eye cream.

Here's the INCI for those who are interested.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Mineral Stuff...!

This post will be dedicated to mineral makeup! I'm in love with this stuff.

I used to be a liquid foundation girl all the way. I thought it gave me the most perfect coverage and was the only thing that could last all day and night. I used to go for the full coverage.

My favorite liquid foundation used to be Clarins Matte Harmony. And believe me, I had tried a lot of foundations throughout the years. Another favourite used to be Max Factor's Lasting Performance, even though the lightest shade is too dark for me. One of the biggest problems with liquid foundations was that it was sometimes impossible to find the right color for my fair skin. Always the best ones were too dark.

Some time ago I was on an organic cosmetic kick and did a lot of research about the mineral makeup. It was supposed to be good for your skin, everyone was saying. They consist of only natural ingredients and are vegan. Sounds good? I had doubts about the coverage though. I really need the full coverage.

There was also rumors about the shades, it could be possible to get a foundation TOO light! I couldn't believe it.

Then I found out that Everyday Minerals has a foundation that gives you the flawless face that I wanted. They have a full coverage foundation AND pale shades. The prices were right so I placed my order and got a basic kit of stuff I needed to get started. A concealer, a foundation, a couple of brushes and a finishing powder.

In this post I will talk about my favourites and just general stuff about minerals.

The foundation

Everyday Minerals

To me, this is the best stuff. It's the intensive formula that gives you pretty much full coverage. I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. It covers most of my acne scars! Not to mention the redness. This is a very fair shade. The intensive formula gives you matt finish.

A good thing to have with mineral foundation is a setting spray. With my oily skin I find this to be a must. I use the Urban Decay All Nighter.

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo's foundation is also very good quality. It does not give me as much coverage with a little amount that EM gives, but it also works great. If you have the time and energy to buff in more layers, it definitely covers the flaws you want. The selection of shades is pretty good, I use the lightest one, Porcelain. It's really light!
The packaging is also very pretty and you get 10 grams of product in one jar. That is a lot and goes a long way!


I apply my foundation with these Everyday Minerals Kabukis. They are synthetic, pretty tense and very soft. With the flat top I can get the full coverage, the round one gives good results too. A good kabuki is the key with mineral foundation. You really have to buff the foundation in to the kabuki and then buff it thoroughly onto your face. The more you buff the better the finish.


After applying the foundation I apply the concealer. Mineral concealers are in the form of powder and have a lot of pigment. I thought that only a creamy concealer could hide my imperfections but I was wrong. This stuff really works I'm telling you.
I used to have the Intensive Fair concealer from Everyday Minerals but I also wanted to try the Aussie Perk Me Up because it has a pearlecsent formula that is supposed to bring light to my face where the Intensive Fair is a matt concealer. Aussie Perk Me Up was kind of pearly but that did not look that good on my acne scars. So I prefer a matt concealer. I've also used the foundation as a concealer, works also well used like that.

I apply my mineral concealer with a synthetic oval concealer brush. This one is from Everyday Minerals. It's tense and soaks up a great amount of concealer. The oval top allows a more specific application in smaller areas. I love it.

Finishing powders

Lily Lolo's Flawless Silk is a finishing powder that gives you a lovely finish with a subtle glow. Amazing stuff!

Pearl Beige is a pearly finishing powder from EM. This can be used to just highlighting but, surely, I've used this all over my face. Gives a nice glow without being glittery. Lights up a tired face!

It's not always necessary to use finishing powder but when you have oily skin it may help your makeup last longer. I apply powder with a big soft face brush like this one from Make Up Store. And I do use powder with a light hand, hard to believe is it...?


Mineral blushes are also in the form of powder and they are very pigmented. I don't have that much experience in mineral blushes, I ordered a couple from Everyday Minerals but they turned out to be wrong colors for me. But the pigmentation is amazing, you need only the littlest amount of product and need to blend very carefully. This one is Soco from EM. I really need to buy some more mineral blushes...

This was a super long post, I hope it was usefull to someone.

Thanks for reading!