Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review: Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Flexible Coverage Concealer!

Too Faced is one of my favourite brands. Their cute and always gorgeous packaging is very appealing to me and to a lot of other beauty junkies too. I myself am a true sucker for cute and lovely packaging and that alone gives me, from time to time, a reason to purchase something from Too Faced.

I've had their Absolutely Flawless Flexible Coverage Concealer for a while now and I wanted to review it for you because it's probably one of the best liquid concealers I've ever tried when it comes to coverage.

Absolutely Flawless really gives you full coverage if you want to. This stuff is so pigmented and creamy that the tiniest drop goes a long way! It blends out nicely too if you use with a super light hand. I use it with a synthetic concealer brush to apply and then blend with my ring finger. It covers everything with just a little amount, my scars, darks spots, everything! The consistency is quite thick and creamy. It lasts all day long, really. I recommend powdering over it, it does not dry that easily.

My shade is Vanilla, it's the lightest shade and works fine with my pale complexion. It has a yellow, creamy tone, so it's great for covering redness.

Because of the quite heavy consistency and the fact that it doesn't dry that well once you've applied it, I've had some trouble using it under my eyes. I don't like to powder over my undereye concealer to avoid the cakey look but with Absolutely Flawless you really need to powder. The littlest amount really is enough for great coverage, so I recommend using it with a very light hand and then a very light layer of setting powder.

Because of it's amazing pigmentation and the fact that it can be a bit heavy, it can be hard to remove. I would recommend an oil based cleanser for it. I use double clensing, it does the job but then again I don't use concealer in larger areas.

All and all, I really think you get your moneys worth if you pay the 19€ for it. It covers pretty much everything :)

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  1. Moikka!

    Luin tuon Madara hiustuotepostauksen ja kiinnostuin kyllä nyt noista tuotteista.. Minkälainen hiuslaatu sulla muuten on? :) Koska jos sulla on esim. superpaksut ja karheat hiukset niin samat tuotteet tuskin toimisi omiin hiuksiini.

  2. Heippa :)

    Mulla on melko paksu, pitkä ja liukas tukka, mutta latvat on toisinaan huonossa kunnossa ja tarvitsee tehokasta hoitoa. Tuota hoitoainetta voisin kyllä suositella kaikille hiustyypeille, ei nimittäin ole ollenkaan raskas! Shampoosta löytyy ainakin värjätyille ja vahingoittuneille hiuksille omansa :)

  3. I was looking up reviews for this concealer and came across your blog:) its a great review, I may have to give in and get it.