Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: NYX Highlight & Contour Powder!

I was really excited when I saw this convenient Highlight&Contour Powder from NYX. I always contour my face and as you may know, have a heavy hand with any kind of shimmery powder. Without even seeing any swatches I ordered the powder from Cherry Culture.

The Highlight&Contour Powder has a dark brown powder and a pearly white powder baked together in a pan. I love the idea, I think it's great for travelling.

It's available only in this one shade, I think...?

The packaging looks nice, it's white and sleek with black writing and ornaments. I like it! It does feel a bit cheap but then again, NYX is all about the quality of the product inside, so I don't really care about the packaging. I do love that it has a mirror!

The dark brown side is quite pigmented! For fair complexions it can be a bit too dark, you have to use it with a light hand and blend out carefully. For medium skin tones it would be perfect, I'd say. It's not completely matte, it has a light sheen and I like it, the color doesn't show up that harsh on my super fair skin. The brown is really brown, on my skin it does not show up orange. I like the brown a lot!

The highlighting side is, on the other hand, a total disappointment for me. I was hoping it to be the same NYX quality that I'm used to but no. It's a bit chalky, not soft at all and doesn't show up on my skin. It's too hard to work with and that is why I reach for something else instead of using it. I'm so sad, I really wanted it to work! I wish they would have added at least some shimmers. It has a pearly finish, if it was ment to be subtle then that's what it really is.

Here's the swatches. The brown looks great and is swatched quite lightly but the highlighter is swatched pretty heavily.

All and all, I'm disappointed. NYX products usually are pretty nice quality but this time the highlighter lacks of pigmentation. I will be using the contour powder for sure though :)

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  1. I love NYX products, but sometime you get that one disappointing product, I have an eyeshadow trio that's like that, almost no color pay off.

    I almost bought this too, thank god I didn't!