Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Too Faced Holiday 2011 Collection: Glamour to Go - Dream Edition Palette!

I had plenty of other necessary beauty products on my shopping list but they all had to be postponed because I really wanted this amazing palette from Too Faced's Holiday 2011 collection. Last year's collection was super pretty but unfortunately I didn't buy anything from that collection. This year I didn't wait for too long to make a purchase plus this palette was only something around 20€!

As usual, Too Faced has the prettiest packaging. It's everything a girl can ask for :)

A pretty, plastic container with lovely detailing. You just have to love it! Look at that little bow...

It's quite small, a real pocket-size palette. I wouldn't carry this precious thing in my purse though. Too pretty!

Here's the whole thing... 8 eye shadows, a blush, a lipgloss and a bronzer.

A mix of 8 pretty, everyday wearable eye shadows. I love my neutrals and this palette has just a lovely mix of them. A basic grey and black, a brown and some lighter colors too for highlighting. A bright purple to spice it up a little and then a lovely taupe!

The two pretty highlight colors will be loved, that's for sure :)

There's also a matte dark brown, a peach satin color and this amazing electric purple! It's super pretty and it has some blue shimmers, absolutely gorgeous. And then my favourite, the taupe! I love taupes and this one is super cute. It a mix of grey and brown with a light purple tone. It's the only color I dared to swatch, the other ones are just too pretty to use just yet! I want to spend some more time just watching this palette and NOT use it. Now that's a true sign of a makeup junkie! (read this funny post from Pink Sith)

I got the palette mainly because of the eye shadows but an extra blush is always a good thing! It's a pretty shimmery pink peach. It's on the warm side and is probably not the best match for me but will be used anyways! I would have liked a true cool pink instead. There's a pink gloss, so why not match the blush with it? The bronzer is quite light, maybe it could work as a highlighter used over the blush, we'll see.

The blush looks too pink here, it's actually more peachy!

Here's a close-up and a swatch from that gorgeous taupe!

Edit 1/10/2012 Added some swatch photos :)

I'm loving my new baby, that's for sure!

Thanks for reading!