Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Wet n Wild eye shadow palette "Lust" !

I'm probably the last one to jump on the Wet n Wild eye shadow wagon, but better late than never! This Lust - palette gaught my eye while shopping the other day and since I'm on a budget right now I decided that I can splurge the 4€ that this lovely palette retailed for. I knew that Wet n Wild shadows are super pigmented and very good quality but still I was surprised. This palette is so ridiculously pigmented! Oh wow :) Here's my quick review and some (poor) swatch pictures. I'm so sorry, but there's not that much daylight here at this time of the year. The pictures were taken without a primer and the swatches are pretty light.

Lust has a variety of matt purple colors and a mix of shimmery colors. I love that shimmery dark purple/brown and that nude shimmery color!

The matt darker colors I found a bit hard to work with. They are so pigmented and I'm not that good with blending and I do have that heavy hand with make up, so usually with these it goes very very...wrong :) The light pink is just lovely, great for blending because it's not shimmery!

The shimmery colors will get some more use, I think! The beige nude color with subtle shimmer is just great, I love it! The grey is super soft and very easy to work with. The dark brown/black/purple looks dark purple in the pan but turns out to be this gorgeous dark shimmery brown when swatched. It has a purple shimmer? I don't know, very hard to describe this one but it sure is pretty.

Worth the 4€ I paid for it! A great mix of colors and a great shimmery nude! I'm very happy with my purchase. I now might have to go get the palette that has that gorgeous taupe..

Thanks for reading!

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