Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Mádara Ecohair Shampoo and Conditioner!

I've had these hair products from Mádara for a long time and just recently I finished them. So here's my review!

I must say that I really like the green and sophisticated packaging. They look nice in my shower and I really like that. I also like the fact that these products are all natural, the shampoo has an Ecocert. I can't remember the price, I'd say they are somewhere around 10€. These products have a nice natural scent, it reminds me of hay or a medow, to me it's not bothering.

I wasn't expecting much from the Colour & Shine Shampoo, these natural shampoos tend to not wash my hair thoroughly. Mádara's shampoo for colored hair isn't, unfortunately, an exception. It does lather nicely though! But it makes my long hair a bit tangled. My hair feels clean but actually it's not clensed from the hairspray and other stuff I put in my hair. It's simply just not enoug for my hair. Also the consistency is a bit too watery for my taste so some of the product might slip through your fingers in the shower.

But the Nourish & Repair conditioned for damaged hair is a whole another story! This conditioner caught me by surprise and yes, I'm loving it! I like how it smells but the best part is that it really makes my hair feel conditioned but not heavy, AND it's natural. Obviously you can't get the exact same results you get with normal conditioner, let's say for example from Tigi, but for a natural conditioner it's just great! The longer you let it stay in your hair the better are the results.

So, the shampoo didn't do much for me but the conditioner is great and I probably will repurchase it. My long hair loved it :) I wish I could find an all natural shampoo that really makes my hair clean, like super clean. Please let me know, if any of you have found one :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hei! Ihan aiheen vierestä: kattoin just White Trash Disease-blogista, että siinä oli käytetty Mschicin meikkejä tutossa. Siinä oli laitettu sitä mineraalipohjaa kabukilla sen meikkivoiteen päälle..! Sillainhan se voiskin toimia!

  2. Heippa :)

    Näyttää kyllä lopputulos oikein hyvältä tuolleen kerrostettuna! Osaiskohan sitä vielä käyttää nestemäistä meikkivoidetta, oon käyttänyt mineraaleja jo niin kauan... :)

  3. Hey,
    thank you for the review. I am going to try the the Gloss & Vibrancy shampoo:).