Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Max Factor Masterpiece waterproof mascara!

Another mascara review on it's way. I swear I'll get the Lumene Blueberry Curl next time and stop experimenting :) But now I want to review Max Factor's Masterpiece mascara in waterproof. I wanted to get the Masterpiece Max version but it wasn't available in waterproof so I got the regular one. I've tried Masterpiece Max before and liked it and was hoping to like the Masterpiece too.

Nice golden container, looks nice and almost high end, I like it a lot. The brush is rubbery, just the way I like it. It has a narrow tip that collects some excess product but is not messy to use. The bristles are short and all and all the wand is pretty sturdy. The quite small size of the brush is great, the application is easy with it. I prefer smaller brushes for more precise application.

The results are quite nice and natural looking! But, to me it's lacking many things. Very good definition but that's about it. I want more volume, eventhough this is not the volume version. I would like to see it adding more volume at the bases of my lashes to make them look thicker and more intense. Masterpiece, unfotunately, fails to do that. Most people like the natural look, but I prefer flashy lashes. However, Masterpiece holds the curl all day and is easy to remove, so it gets extra points for that.

Masterpiece is a nice basic mascara and I will use it up but I won't be buying it again. Using this mascara up is not going to be a problem, the container only has 4,6 ml of product, that's only half of the amount for example False Lash Effect has. I was hoping for more from Masterpiece because I've always thought that Max Factor mascaras are nice quality.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Käytin joskus Maxia yhden tuubin ja se ollut ollenkaan niin hyvää kuin tuo normi. Mun ripsissä normi Masterpiece (ainakin silloin montamonta vuotta sitten) tuuheutti enemmän ja erotteli paljon paremmin, Max oli jotenkin klimppaavampi.. Pitäisi kyllä kokeilla Maxia uudestaan jossain vaiheessa.

  2. Sulle olis tunnustus mun blogissa ;)

  3. HeidiB: Kiitos tunnustuksista! :)

    Mullakin on edellisestä Maxista aikaa, joten voi olla että koostumus on muuttunut. Tai sitten voi myös olla että tämän vedenkestävä versio ei vedä vertoja tavalliselle, niiden koostumuksissa on aika paljon eroa. Vaikka tämä olikin pettymys, niin täytyy se Max kokeilla vielä uudestaan :)

    aMz88: Thank you :)

  4. your eyelashes are my dream =)