Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: L'oréal Studio Secrets Resufacing Primer

I've been looking for a primer ever since my Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Gel run out some time ago. For a while I went on without a primer at all but soon realised that with oily skin like mine that is just not going to work. I found this L'oréal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer on sale so I brought it home with me. Here's my review.

In this small, sleek looking glass jar you can find some baby pink colored paste. Looks pretty, don't you think? Surely my first though was that the jar is not hycienig at all. Despite that I got it anyway.

The product inside that fancy jar did surprise me. I thought it would pretty much do nothing for me since I have super oily skin, but in fact it works pretty well! It applies smootly and makes my skin feel velvety and soft. My pores seem a little smaller. My mineral foundation just basically glides on after Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. Also my foundation and the finish seems smoother too.

When it comes to the oil issue, it doesn't keep it all in the bay but it does give me extra oil free hours! With this primer I don't get oily after 30 minutes, I can go without blotting for quite some time! It does not prevent my makeup from moving at the end of the day but it helps though. It works quite well on me, I just wonder how amazingly it would work on normal or combination skin!

The glass jar looks and feels high end but is not hygienic, that's a fact. If you dip your finger in it every morning, even if you wash your hand, the bacteria get in and that reduces the lifespan of the product. The product is quite sticky and thick but wouldn't be impossible to use from a tube.

15 ml of product is not much. Eventhough you don't need much it's still too little concidering the price (around 13€ here in Finland).

But after all only the product counts and I'm liking it. Not an oil controlling primer or totally matifying primer but a primer that really creates a smooth canvas for makeup and makes it last longer.

Thanks for reading!


  1. lovely review ;) i have the magique one and im also oily skin it works great ^^ i luv it!
    i think they both work the same :)

  2. Magique and this one might be very much alike! We just don't have Magique here in Finland. :)

  3. great review (:

    CMPang x