Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll-on

Boy was I surprised when I first tried this new favourite of mine, it's the Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2 In 1 Tinted Eye Roll-on from Garnier! Dispite the ridiculous name it has, it turned out to be a great concealer! Here's my review.

The container is ok, it's plastic and a bit cheap looking, but then again it's from a drugstore brand and I'm saying this again, but only the product inside really matters. Unfortunately I destroyed the original cardboard packaging, it had some information about the product. My version is the 01 Very Light, it's for the fairest complexions and I was surprised that it really is fair! Nice job, Garnier!

Garnier's Roll-on Anti-dark Circles is a 2 in 1 product for under the eyes. According to Garnier, it hydrates the skin and helps reduce the dark under-eye circles but also provides a quick solution by concealing them. It has some caffeine in it, it's supposed to help reduce the puffiness you might have in the morning. I paid around 13€ for mine and got 15 ml of product.

I don't know about the skin caring abilities, it doesn't seem to help with the puffiness or my dark circles but the concealing part is a whole other story!

The roll-on applicator feels very cool and refreshing on my skin and it sure makes the application easy. Just roll-on under the eyes and blend! It's easy and nice to use.

In the first swatch picture you can see that the concealer is quite liquidy and light, so you might think that this as a concealer is not going to work. That's what I though first anyways. But when you start to blend it out, it turns out to blend really nice and seems so much more pigmented now than in the beginning. It covers up just nicely! I have super dark circles and some redness but this one really conceals all my problem areas without being too heavy or cakey. I don't even have to powder over it which is great, I really want to avoid the cakey look under my eyes. So I don't use this as a skin care product but as a really nice piece of makeup.

Like I said, I don't see any difference when it comes to the my under-eye circles or the skin under my eyes. My circles don't seem lighter but I didn't really expect it anyway, I don't know it there is a product that can do that. I expected it to be a basic skin care product but it turned out to be a perfect concealer! Light texture, very fair color to match my complexion and very blendable and covers up, I can't ask for more! I was really surprised to find something like this from basic a skin care brand. I'm loving it!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: L'oréal Studio Secrets Resufacing Primer

I've been looking for a primer ever since my Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Gel run out some time ago. For a while I went on without a primer at all but soon realised that with oily skin like mine that is just not going to work. I found this L'oréal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer on sale so I brought it home with me. Here's my review.

In this small, sleek looking glass jar you can find some baby pink colored paste. Looks pretty, don't you think? Surely my first though was that the jar is not hycienig at all. Despite that I got it anyway.

The product inside that fancy jar did surprise me. I thought it would pretty much do nothing for me since I have super oily skin, but in fact it works pretty well! It applies smootly and makes my skin feel velvety and soft. My pores seem a little smaller. My mineral foundation just basically glides on after Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. Also my foundation and the finish seems smoother too.

When it comes to the oil issue, it doesn't keep it all in the bay but it does give me extra oil free hours! With this primer I don't get oily after 30 minutes, I can go without blotting for quite some time! It does not prevent my makeup from moving at the end of the day but it helps though. It works quite well on me, I just wonder how amazingly it would work on normal or combination skin!

The glass jar looks and feels high end but is not hygienic, that's a fact. If you dip your finger in it every morning, even if you wash your hand, the bacteria get in and that reduces the lifespan of the product. The product is quite sticky and thick but wouldn't be impossible to use from a tube.

15 ml of product is not much. Eventhough you don't need much it's still too little concidering the price (around 13€ here in Finland).

But after all only the product counts and I'm liking it. Not an oil controlling primer or totally matifying primer but a primer that really creates a smooth canvas for makeup and makes it last longer.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

When Leopard Gets A Tan... the sweetest bronzer from NYX!

I don't use bronzers. I'm as pale as it gets and bronzer makes me look, well, not from this world. But when I saw this candy cane I just had to have it, no questions asked. For $9,99 I got mine and apparently now I'm not that pale anymore.

The box and the container are bigger than I expected. Nice golden box! The name "Tango With Bronze Powder" is a bit out there.

The container is big and quite sturdy. It comes with a mirror which is always nice.

Gorgeous and pretty....

The colors seem a bit too light in the two pictures above but here the lighting seems to be just about right. A beautiful mix of bronze brown, lavender pink and beige. Lovely, plain lovely.

When Leopard Gets A Tand comes with a soft brush. Some might like it but to me it's totally useless.

When I first used When Leopard Gets A Tan on my cheecks I soon noticed that the pink and the highlighting color disappeared and all there was left was bronze. It lacks of pigmentation and I'm not that happy. NYX products usually have a ton of pigment but here only the bronze color seems to have it. The pink looks just sad in the swatch picture.

I was hoping to use it as a highlighter, after all the colors aren't that bright and at the first glance it seems to have a lot of shimmer. But the shimmers seem to go away too. So it's not a highlighter for the pale girls.

Eventhough I was slightly disapponted I still use it only because it looks so pretty. Applied all over the face it does give a nice warm hue to my compexion, a bit on the orange side but then again, brozers often are. It doesn't suit me but I can't stop using it. But I use blush with a heavy hand, I might as well throw in some orange too :)

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Max Factor Masterpiece waterproof mascara!

Another mascara review on it's way. I swear I'll get the Lumene Blueberry Curl next time and stop experimenting :) But now I want to review Max Factor's Masterpiece mascara in waterproof. I wanted to get the Masterpiece Max version but it wasn't available in waterproof so I got the regular one. I've tried Masterpiece Max before and liked it and was hoping to like the Masterpiece too.

Nice golden container, looks nice and almost high end, I like it a lot. The brush is rubbery, just the way I like it. It has a narrow tip that collects some excess product but is not messy to use. The bristles are short and all and all the wand is pretty sturdy. The quite small size of the brush is great, the application is easy with it. I prefer smaller brushes for more precise application.

The results are quite nice and natural looking! But, to me it's lacking many things. Very good definition but that's about it. I want more volume, eventhough this is not the volume version. I would like to see it adding more volume at the bases of my lashes to make them look thicker and more intense. Masterpiece, unfotunately, fails to do that. Most people like the natural look, but I prefer flashy lashes. However, Masterpiece holds the curl all day and is easy to remove, so it gets extra points for that.

Masterpiece is a nice basic mascara and I will use it up but I won't be buying it again. Using this mascara up is not going to be a problem, the container only has 4,6 ml of product, that's only half of the amount for example False Lash Effect has. I was hoping for more from Masterpiece because I've always thought that Max Factor mascaras are nice quality.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Isadora Extra Volume Build-up Mascara in waterproof

This blog is rapidly becoming a mascara blog! Another review coming up now and another waiting :)

Lumene's Blueberry Curl has been my favourite mascara for a long time and I don't know why I always stray from the path and buy something else instead. And I've done it again. I've never tried any Isadora's mascaras before so when I got 50% off of this Extra Volume Build-up Mascara in waterproof I hade to take it home with me. Here's my quick review.

The container looks nice to me, I kind of like it better over all the other mascaras that I've tried. It's sleek and shiny and classy. Nice!

The brush is not the rubbery kind, it has regular bristles and with those I'm always doubtful. But once I applied the mascara with this wand my doubts were gone. One of the softest bristles I've tried! The application feels so smooth somehow, I don't know :) Anyway, a normal size brush with a narrow tip. Collects a bit of excess product but is not messy to use.

I must say I was surprised by the results! I wasn't expecting this much of definition at all. I can see some clumping but for a regular brush I think the results are just amazing. What comes to volume, it gives my lashes volume very nicely especially at the bases! My lashes look thick and just...sultry! My lashes feels quite soft but they stay curly just fine all day.

Only one problem though. Like the container says, this really is 100% waterproof so the removing part gets difficult sometimes. You really need a good amount of oily eye makeup remover to get it all out. Sometimes I wake up looking like a racoon in the morning. But this doesn't bother me that much because I like all the other capabilities this mascara has.

Isadora's Extra Voluma Build-up Mascara has really taken me by surprise! I'm loving it! It has a plentiful amount of product, 12 ml / 0,41 fl oz in the container. Now that's a good amount! And the price is bearable so I can definitely see myself buying it again.

Thanks for reading!