Sunday, September 11, 2011

Everyday Minerals Haul & Brush Review!

I prefer mineral foundation for one simple reason, I can find the lightest shades. I'm super pale and most liquid foundations out there are just completely too dark for me.

Everyday Minerals have a foundation that is perfect for my oily and acne scarred skin. It's called Intensive and it gives me medium to full coverage with matt finish. The best match for my complexion is Fair Neutral. It really is for the fairest, so if you share my problem with pale skin, try minerals!

So I hauled three foundations and also got two face brushes. Everyday Minerals have a discount program which means if you buy five full size products you get a discount. So I usually buy foundations for back up. I also got a free blush sample of Nick Nack, a very light pink color that is great for fair skin.

Everyday Mineral kabukis are great stuff so I decided to get a couple of the other brushes too. I picked out Dome Blush Brush ($12) that is made of super-soft synthetic fibers and has a bamboo handle. I must say that this is one of the softest blush brushes that I've ever tried. It's the perfect shape and it's small enough to get a precise application of the blush of your choice. With this brush you can get an evened out finish when using even the brightest blush.

The other one is Tapered Sculpting Face Brush ($12). It's for contouring and is a bit smaller than the blush brush, just so you can apply blush or bronzer precisely under the cheekbones and the sides of your nose. I like this brush very much! Very soft and I like the long handle.

One problem that I noticed is that these brushes soak up a lot of product that is in pressed form. If you use mineral blush or brozer then it's just great, but with pressed powder you have to use more, it doesn't pick up enough color if the product is pressed. I find this to be a problem because I like to use my blushes with a heavy hand. So I don't know why these work differently with pressed powder, maybe they just simply are designed for only loose mineral products. But this is a minor problem, I still use them because they are just so perfectly soft and lovely!

Thanks for reading!


  1. EDM was one of my first discoveries - I stumbled upon MMU for the same reason you did - I could not find fair enough foundations in stores. Unfortunately EDM's policies have estranged me from them and I do not wish to buy from them anymore. Although the products are good, especially the brushes, I simply cannot take my moeny to a company that is disloyal to it's long time client base.

  2. I read your post about the policy change and the fact that they don't ship to Estonia anymore. Not good. And now when I checked, the Intensive bases are disappearing and sold out from their site. Is it discontinued? Oh no.

    Do you know something similar to Intensive base from another brands? I think I need to switch to something else.

  3. I will get full sizes of Lucy Minerals and Meow in couple of weeks - I'll write some reviews on them in October. Picked those because they have been out there for a long time and their customers praise the coverage :)
    EDM is reformulating, again - they are going "back to their roots" and are going to make pure MMU again, without the lauryl lysine.

  4. Thank you for the information. Can't wait to read your reviews! :)