Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Sinful Colors blushes in Sha Sha Pink and Berry Charmed!

Some time ago I ordered a couple of blushes from Sinful Colors along with other goodies from Cherry Culture. I didn't read any reviews or anything before ordering, so I had no idea what I was getting. And boy, was I surprised! I randomly picked out two the most perfect colors for me!

Berry Charmed on the left and Sha Sha Pink on the right. Amazing, gorgeous colors!

Berry Charmed is a pink color with a strong berry tone. This one is just lovely! It's just a little bit on the warm side but definitely cool enough to match my complexion perfectly. I like that it's a bit on the darker side and the berryish color comes out strongly. Ok, you get the idea, I love the color. But the pigmentation of these blushes is just great! I wasn't expecting it at all! The color pay off is great and the consistency is just nice and soft. Makes the application so easy! A bit powdery so you loose some product when you use these blushes with a brush but I think that can be forgiven, Sinful Colors blushes retail about $4. That's a bargain, awsome pigmentation and lovely colors for $4. I already made a new wish list :)

While Berry Charmed is almost matte, Sha Sha Pink has a very nice pearly and sheer finish. It's a cool lavender pink that matches my complexion just perfectly. I love it!

Sinful Colors' blushes really surprised me with the good quality!

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