Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: MNY Blushes!

I'm so excited. Take a look what I came across in our local department store! MNY new(?) blushes and they retailed for 4,90€ each. The MNY range also carried two highlighters and they just had to come home with mama. I had not seen these in Finland before.

The pink blush (named number 201) turned out to be the best thing ever! A perfect match for my complexion, the smoothest and the creamiest consistency and amazing color pay off. All this for 4,90! Am I awake or dreaming?

Look at that! The pigmentation is just great! This blush gives a cool, pearly finish that has a tons of color but at the same time is somehow sheer and...well, lovely. I have to go get a back up immediatly.

This white pearly highlighter (601) caught my eye at first. I use highlighters with a heavy hand and go through a myriad of products in no time. So another addition to my collection was about to happen! Looks so pretty in the pan!

This highlighter turned out to be an ok one. It's a bit chalky so you have to blend it carefully. The color really is white so it can give a really cool tone for your skin so you have to be careful with this. It can be too much for girls with darker skin tone.

I was expecting just a smooth non-shimmery pearly finish, but 601 has white/silver shimmers that are quite finely milled but visible. I usually apply highlighters all over my face but with this one I feel it's just too much (can you believe I'm actually saying this).

Another thing, I don't think this is eye safe. I applied a little amount of product under my brow bone and in my teardot and my eyes turned a bit red and irritated. I'm not sure it was because of this product though, just wanted to tell you. the swatch picture 601 looks so amazing so forget all the things I was just saying. I'm loving it!

Number 701 is a warm toned highlighter with a golden shimmer and a yellow gold color. I like the cool and pearly ones but surely I had to get this one too. 701 actually turned out to be better than the white 601!

The golden highlighter feels much softer and is not as chalky as the white one is. The number 701 has a very subtle golden shimmer, not glittery at all. The yellow looking golden color does not show up on the skin, so that makes it very wearable. The finish was hard to capture on picture!

701 is perfect for darker compexions but a pale girl like me can pull this off too. I'm sure I'll be loving this a lot in the future.

I would say, that if you're choosing between the two highlighters I would recommend the 701 gold color. The texture is smoother and it's just lovely! The pink blush you should most definitely get right away!!

I tried to capture the shimmers in the sunlight, the picture above has 701 on the left and 601 on the right.

Thanks for reading!

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