Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect in waterproof

I read so many great reviews about the False Lash Effect Mascara from Max Factor so of course I had to try it too! Here's my quick review.

To me False Lash Effect is an ok mascara. I like the huge container and the product itself is ok but in the end it just did not have what it takes to be the perfect mascara for me.

The brush is huge! It's rubbery, I like the rubbery ones but this one is just too big for me. It makes it harder to use on the lower lashes. The tip also takes along too much product so you have to clean the excess away before you can apply it. I find the big brush to be too messy.

False Lash Effect gives quite nice lashes. It holds up my curl all day and is easy to remove, I'll give it that. I was looking for some more definition and separation and some more volume and length. The volume is quite good but I feel like I need something more.

But! A huge amount of product for drugstore price, you have to love that! The container also looks very nice and sleek. False Lash Effect contains 13,1 ml of product. Usually mascaras have less than 10 ml.

To me False Lash Effect did not live up to the expectations I had. The brush is too big for my taste and the results aren't that amazing. I want more separation. I don't know why this did not work for me, after all False Lash Effect is the best mascara for so many other bloggers.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Personally I think it looks lovely! Your lashes look really long and defined. To me it looks very natural but pretty.

  2. Thanks Lillian! Maybe I'll give it another chance! The natural look is not usually my thing though... :)

  3. Fle wp oli joskus muutama vuosi sitten itselleni ihan HG ripsari, pitäisi kokeilla uusiksi, toimiiko enää.. :) Mutta sun ripset näyttää tosi kauniilta tuon ripsarin kanssa!

  4. Kiitos kiitos Mirssiina :)

    Jos et oo vielä kokeillut, niin suosittelisin Maybellinen Falsies - ripsaria vedenkestävänä FLE:n sijaan. En olis uskonut että se on niin hyvä!