Monday, August 29, 2011

More MNY shopping +review!

Oh wow, I was not expecting to get so sucked into this brand so badly. Cheap prices and cute packaging made me splurge (again)!

Look at those pretty nude colors...I couldn't help myself.

This nude nail polish (905A) was the reason for my MNY haul in the first place. I was attracted to it immediately and then ended up getting a lot more stuff than one polish!

I got this cute, apparently limited edition, lipgloss (907A) that has that peachy tone that so rarely makes me look good. But this one does! It's sheer but has a hint of peachy pigmentation and subtle shimmer. Turns my naturally quite dark lips to the warmer side and looks very pretty.

I later got some more, I went to pick out a baby pink gloss (565) and a vintage pink nail polish (906A). I just had to have...well, more. I love the color of the nail polish! Very neutral and sophisticated but it has something different about it. Retailed only for 3,50€.

Such pretty colors..!

Let's move on...

I got three single eyeshadows, very neutral colors! As some of you may know I'm very pale and therefore I cannot pull off very dark colors. It just looks too much and weird on me so I stay on the safe side and only use the light ones. Usually I go with just primer or one color all over my lid. And I have been looking for a light taupe color and now I think I found one!

Light taupe color with satin finish (named 903A) retailed for only 4,90€. It's a sheer color but with a primer and layering you can get nice finish with this one. I don't like heavy and dark colors on me, this definitely is not too dark for me. Loving it!

This light peachy pink (229) has satin finish, but in different light it sometimes seems almost metallic. 229 goes along very well with the other colors. The texture is smooth and the color pay off is ok. You can work better with these eyeshadows with a primer, I never go without. I think you can definitely get more color pay off with a primer. Without a primer they can be a bit too sheer.

309 is a light champagne color, perfect for higlighting! On the whole lid I first thought it looked too frosty but after applying other colors it wasn't. Perfect under the browbone and on the teardot. Lovely, smooth and quite pigmented, I'll say.

These colors work beautifully together!

Here are the swatch pictures. All the shadows are swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer to get more color out of the eye shadows.

I will be getting more of the nail polishes and lipglosses. Maybe a few eyeshadows too. I wish they had more blushes... :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've been eyeing those eyeshadows for a loooong time now. They seem to be good quality and at least the ones I swtached had good colour pay-off. I really should get some and really spend some time playing with them ;)

  2. Yes, some are more pigmented than others, but all and all pretty nice quality considerig the price :)