Monday, August 29, 2011

More MNY shopping +review!

Oh wow, I was not expecting to get so sucked into this brand so badly. Cheap prices and cute packaging made me splurge (again)!

Look at those pretty nude colors...I couldn't help myself.

This nude nail polish (905A) was the reason for my MNY haul in the first place. I was attracted to it immediately and then ended up getting a lot more stuff than one polish!

I got this cute, apparently limited edition, lipgloss (907A) that has that peachy tone that so rarely makes me look good. But this one does! It's sheer but has a hint of peachy pigmentation and subtle shimmer. Turns my naturally quite dark lips to the warmer side and looks very pretty.

I later got some more, I went to pick out a baby pink gloss (565) and a vintage pink nail polish (906A). I just had to have...well, more. I love the color of the nail polish! Very neutral and sophisticated but it has something different about it. Retailed only for 3,50€.

Such pretty colors..!

Let's move on...

I got three single eyeshadows, very neutral colors! As some of you may know I'm very pale and therefore I cannot pull off very dark colors. It just looks too much and weird on me so I stay on the safe side and only use the light ones. Usually I go with just primer or one color all over my lid. And I have been looking for a light taupe color and now I think I found one!

Light taupe color with satin finish (named 903A) retailed for only 4,90€. It's a sheer color but with a primer and layering you can get nice finish with this one. I don't like heavy and dark colors on me, this definitely is not too dark for me. Loving it!

This light peachy pink (229) has satin finish, but in different light it sometimes seems almost metallic. 229 goes along very well with the other colors. The texture is smooth and the color pay off is ok. You can work better with these eyeshadows with a primer, I never go without. I think you can definitely get more color pay off with a primer. Without a primer they can be a bit too sheer.

309 is a light champagne color, perfect for higlighting! On the whole lid I first thought it looked too frosty but after applying other colors it wasn't. Perfect under the browbone and on the teardot. Lovely, smooth and quite pigmented, I'll say.

These colors work beautifully together!

Here are the swatch pictures. All the shadows are swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer to get more color out of the eye shadows.

I will be getting more of the nail polishes and lipglosses. Maybe a few eyeshadows too. I wish they had more blushes... :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Mádara skin care set for oily to combination skin

I've tried to sit down and write this post about Mádara for a long time! Now I'm ready. I'm about to praise, so I just want you know that I'm not sponsored by Mádara :) And sorry about the poor pictures.

I have gone through a couple of these sets already so I have a pretty good idea how these products work for me. Let me tell you, Mádara has made some wonders on my acne prone/super oily skin. I tried many other natural products for my face before I found Mádara. The problem was that there wasn't that meny natural products out there that were suitable for my oily skin. At least here in Finland all the available natural skin care ranges did not carry products for oily skin.

The set includes Madara's deep purifying foam, deep clarifying toner and deep moisture gel. They are all targeted for oily to combination skin. This skin care range is all natural and partly organic. All products have Ecosert - sertification. Mádara sells all the products separately too, you just save money if you buy the whole set.

Deep purifying foam is my favourite! It's all natural but still very effective! It really removes all my makeup. I always wash my face twice, usually with the same product, first to remove my makeup and then to really cleanse my face thoroughly. This type of double cleansing with the foam is working really well for me. The foam does not dry out my skin, it's effective but gentle in the same time. I love it!

Take a look at that INCI. Oh wow.

The deep clarifying toner is also great. The toner for oily to combination skin has alcohol (which is a natural ingredient) and it can be a bit harsh on more sensitive skin types but to me it's been just amazing. Sometimes it can feel stingy in some drier areas but I don't see that to be bad thing. It's working for me, the toner makes my skin feel just perfectly clean!

The deep moisture gel is really the best thing ever. If you have oily skin like me, I would highly recommend this. For combination skin types this can be too light, at least in the winter time. After applying the gel my skin feels a bit tight, which has never happend before! So it's definitely not too much, the gel is very light and I love it. I feel like it controls the oilyness a bit and makes my skin feel balanced out and fresh. I feel like I have no words for praising this gel enough, it's just perfect for my oily skin and the best part is that it's free from all the harmful chemicals. And it's oil free. Lovelove!

All products have a light scent, it's coming from the natural extracts I think. It's not sweet, it's reminds me of dry hay. To me it's fine, it's not too strong or disturbing.

It seems that all these products together have helped my skin to clear out from most of my blemishes and helped with the oil issue. To me the best part is that it's a natural skin care range.

The only thing I'm not that happy about is that these products are pretty expensive. The set costs around 50€. If you buy the products separately, it's even more. The moisture gel retails for about 24€ alone. At this moment I'm willing to spend that money because of the natural aspect and the fact that these products have really helped me out. Because of the higher price I might try something else in the future, but I believe I will always come back to Mádara.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect in waterproof

I read so many great reviews about the False Lash Effect Mascara from Max Factor so of course I had to try it too! Here's my quick review.

To me False Lash Effect is an ok mascara. I like the huge container and the product itself is ok but in the end it just did not have what it takes to be the perfect mascara for me.

The brush is huge! It's rubbery, I like the rubbery ones but this one is just too big for me. It makes it harder to use on the lower lashes. The tip also takes along too much product so you have to clean the excess away before you can apply it. I find the big brush to be too messy.

False Lash Effect gives quite nice lashes. It holds up my curl all day and is easy to remove, I'll give it that. I was looking for some more definition and separation and some more volume and length. The volume is quite good but I feel like I need something more.

But! A huge amount of product for drugstore price, you have to love that! The container also looks very nice and sleek. False Lash Effect contains 13,1 ml of product. Usually mascaras have less than 10 ml.

To me False Lash Effect did not live up to the expectations I had. The brush is too big for my taste and the results aren't that amazing. I want more separation. I don't know why this did not work for me, after all False Lash Effect is the best mascara for so many other bloggers.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Palette Pink Celebration Highlighter!

I wanted to show you one of my precious things in my make up collection. I have not touched it yet, I think I will start using it eventually but for now it's just too pretty to be used!

Such a cool case!

Pink Celebration is from YSL's Spring 2011 collection. It's a pretty light pink highligter with shimmer. I can't really review it because I haven't used it yet. Too pretty!

I tried to capture the shimmers in sunlight. So pretty...

But the best part is that I paid only 16,80€ for Pink Celebration. It originally retailed for 56€ but I got 70% off. It was a happy moment :)

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Sinful Colors blushes in Sha Sha Pink and Berry Charmed!

Some time ago I ordered a couple of blushes from Sinful Colors along with other goodies from Cherry Culture. I didn't read any reviews or anything before ordering, so I had no idea what I was getting. And boy, was I surprised! I randomly picked out two the most perfect colors for me!

Berry Charmed on the left and Sha Sha Pink on the right. Amazing, gorgeous colors!

Berry Charmed is a pink color with a strong berry tone. This one is just lovely! It's just a little bit on the warm side but definitely cool enough to match my complexion perfectly. I like that it's a bit on the darker side and the berryish color comes out strongly. Ok, you get the idea, I love the color. But the pigmentation of these blushes is just great! I wasn't expecting it at all! The color pay off is great and the consistency is just nice and soft. Makes the application so easy! A bit powdery so you loose some product when you use these blushes with a brush but I think that can be forgiven, Sinful Colors blushes retail about $4. That's a bargain, awsome pigmentation and lovely colors for $4. I already made a new wish list :)

While Berry Charmed is almost matte, Sha Sha Pink has a very nice pearly and sheer finish. It's a cool lavender pink that matches my complexion just perfectly. I love it!

Sinful Colors' blushes really surprised me with the good quality!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: MNY Blushes!

I'm so excited. Take a look what I came across in our local department store! MNY new(?) blushes and they retailed for 4,90€ each. The MNY range also carried two highlighters and they just had to come home with mama. I had not seen these in Finland before.

The pink blush (named number 201) turned out to be the best thing ever! A perfect match for my complexion, the smoothest and the creamiest consistency and amazing color pay off. All this for 4,90! Am I awake or dreaming?

Look at that! The pigmentation is just great! This blush gives a cool, pearly finish that has a tons of color but at the same time is somehow sheer and...well, lovely. I have to go get a back up immediatly.

This white pearly highlighter (601) caught my eye at first. I use highlighters with a heavy hand and go through a myriad of products in no time. So another addition to my collection was about to happen! Looks so pretty in the pan!

This highlighter turned out to be an ok one. It's a bit chalky so you have to blend it carefully. The color really is white so it can give a really cool tone for your skin so you have to be careful with this. It can be too much for girls with darker skin tone.

I was expecting just a smooth non-shimmery pearly finish, but 601 has white/silver shimmers that are quite finely milled but visible. I usually apply highlighters all over my face but with this one I feel it's just too much (can you believe I'm actually saying this).

Another thing, I don't think this is eye safe. I applied a little amount of product under my brow bone and in my teardot and my eyes turned a bit red and irritated. I'm not sure it was because of this product though, just wanted to tell you. the swatch picture 601 looks so amazing so forget all the things I was just saying. I'm loving it!

Number 701 is a warm toned highlighter with a golden shimmer and a yellow gold color. I like the cool and pearly ones but surely I had to get this one too. 701 actually turned out to be better than the white 601!

The golden highlighter feels much softer and is not as chalky as the white one is. The number 701 has a very subtle golden shimmer, not glittery at all. The yellow looking golden color does not show up on the skin, so that makes it very wearable. The finish was hard to capture on picture!

701 is perfect for darker compexions but a pale girl like me can pull this off too. I'm sure I'll be loving this a lot in the future.

I would say, that if you're choosing between the two highlighters I would recommend the 701 gold color. The texture is smoother and it's just lovely! The pink blush you should most definitely get right away!!

I tried to capture the shimmers in the sunlight, the picture above has 701 on the left and 601 on the right.

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