Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore

I liked Dolce Pink from Milani a lot, so I got myself some more of these Baked Blushes from Milani. Dolce Pink has been THE blush for me this summer.
I ordered Fantastico Mauve and Berry Amore, and now I want to talk about Berry Amore.

Berry Amore is a warm pink color with a berry tone and some baked gold vains. It looks just amazing in the pan! Berry color blushes usually go along well with my pale complexion and look very good and natural with a warm bronzer.

The consistency of Berry Amore is not, I would say, as soft as it is in Dolce Pink. It's a bit more chalky but it applies evenly though. Berry Amore has a bit more pigmentation than Dolce Pink, which is good!

Just look how pretty! But let me tell you...

...on my skin Berry Amore turns into this dirty orangy color! I couldn't believe it when I first applied it on my cheeks! I had to double check if it really was Berry Amore that I just applied, it looked so different in the pan! What can I say, a dirty orange blush is not something I would ever wear. Simple as that. I'm so sad, it looks so good in the pan it's just unbelievable.

Berry Amore could work for many people but not for a pale girl like me who needs some cool tones.

Just look at that. I don't see any berry in this swatch picture...?

Too bad Berry Amore did not turn out to be more on the cool side that I originally hoped for. Nothing like that at all.

Thanks for reading!

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