Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: MAC Matte2 Eye Shadow in Blanc Type

Some time ago I hauled this single Matte2 Eye Shadow in Blanc Type from MAC. I have many shimmery nude and highlight colors but I was lacking a really good quality matte eye shadow that matches my skin tone. Then our paths crossed one day at MAC counter. I wanted to have it and maybe 20 seconds later I did.

Blanc Type is a great nude color for me to use as an all over color on my lids. It is very neutral, powdery color. Creamy. Dreamy!

The color pay off is ok, Blanc Type is quite pigmented but not the best I've seen. I have to use quite a lot of product to get full coverage on my lids and this way I will propably hit pan pretty soon. But the consistency is very smooth, not chalky at all so MAC is forgiven.

But the finished result is just amazing! It is definitely matte but it is not heavy looking at all, it is just lovely. Blank type matches my pale skin tone perfectly!
I tried to swatch Blanc Type but it matches too perfectly, the color didn't show up in pictures.

I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a base and then apply Blanc Type to my whole lid. I get a perfect canvas for applying other colors or I can use just a black liner and mascara or just mascara. I really like Blank Type, it is the One matte nude color I have been looking for.

I will be getting more matte colors from MAC! And absolutely repurchase Blanc Type when I hit pan. My red lids look normal again :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I wouldn't worry about it running out soon! I use it all the time, probably the most out of any of the shadows that I own, and there's no pan in sight. I've had it for about a year. Keep in mind, there's a huge dent in it, but it's like the endless eye shadow pan! You'll definitely get your money's worth out of this one!

    1. Blanc Type has been my most used eyeshadow too! It's a great match for my skin tone. This one that I reviewed is almost gone, I have to get a new one soon! :) you're right, worth every penny :)