Sunday, June 12, 2011

Somedays it's all about brows!

I have a serious long-time love-hate relationship with my brows. Yes, I have been blessed with full black brows and I know many girls would trade places with me. But somedays I just can't handle my brows and other days I'm very thankful for having such brows.

I personally think that you cannot neglect your brows. If you only have time to do one thing, I suggest you do your brows. Brows give you definition and create a frame for your face. You look more put together if your brows are done and somedays you don't need anything more!

My brow situation at the moment is that right now I want my brows shaped and trimmed nicely. I have full brows and maintaining the current shape means a lot of plugging. (You can see my brows fuller in my profile picture on the side bar). I assume I will go back to much fuller brows in no time when I get too lazy to maintain this shape. I wish we had "brow bars" here in Finland too. You could just step in to a salon and 5 minutes later you have nicely waxed and shaped brows. But no! You have to make an appointment and it's not that cheap to trim your brows in a salon.

Ok, this post is not about my problems making an appointment in a beauty salon. I wanted to show you how I do my brows!

The products I use for my brows:

  • Tweezerman Slant Tweezer (of course in pink)
  • MAC Brow Set Gel in Clear
  • A spoolie brush from Duroy
  • A small slanted brush from Duroy
  • Grimas eye shadow in shade 101 (black)

1. Brows in their natural state (don't mind the massive red bags under my eyes)

2. I comb my brows down so it is easier to define the line

3. I define my brows by lining the shape with a black eye shadow. I use a small slanted brush. With a small brush you can do small strokes, it's easier that way. In this picture I have only lined from the below but I line the upper line and the arch too (I was too quick with the camera).

4. I fill in the middle with the same black eye shadow. You want the most color in the highest part of your brow, the arch that is.

5. I comb my brows upwards with a spoolie. This way the lines aren't too harsh and you get a softer look. The color also evens out.

6. I add some clear brow set gel and comb my brows up with the brush. I also apply some white pearly eye shadow under my brows to highlight the brow bone.

7. The finished look

I hope this was helpful for someone!

Thanks for reading!

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