Saturday, May 28, 2011

My current favourite lip combo!

I'm not a big lipstick girl, I only favour colors that are close to my own lip color. I wanted to show you my favourite lip combination, I wear this combination the most. The result is indeed close to my own lipcolor and it's very wearable on everyday basis! It's the basic rosey lips.

First I line and fill in my lips with We Care Icon (sold only in Finland) Smooth Wear Lipliner in shade Perfect Rose. Just plain lovely!

It goes on so smoothly, just like the name says. Here's the swatch with some blending.

Then I apply my favourite lipstick! It's the We Care Icon Moisture Wear Lipstick in shade 16, it's a neutral rosey color. This is so moisturizing! It does not make my lips feel dry but on the other hand it's not that long lasting. I have to apply it many times a day if I want the finished look to last all day.It's not that pigmented but if it moisturizes my lips, then it's ok. I hate dry lips!

Here's the combination on my lips. Looks very natural and not too made up. I like it the natural look with lips, I don't know why. I guess you can't overdo everything! I sure do try everyday...

Thanks for reading!


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