Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sephora & MAC haul!

Oh took my money!

So I went to Paris. It was just plain lovely. The Sephora on the other hand was just plain superbe! It blew my mind. The one on Avenue des Champs-Elysées was huge!

And on my way to the airport I stopped by at a MAC counter in Helsinki and picked up a couple of products that I needed...nice job spending money before even actually getting on the plane.

I was around the Too Faced counter multiple times swatching the Romantic Eye palette but ended up choosing NARS Angelika instead. I just couldn't get them both. The palette was so beautiful when I swatched it. I may have to get it later...
So I got the Albatross and a blush in shade Angelika. I can't stop looking at them, I'm in love.

Then I got MAC's MSF Natural in shade Light Medium. The makeup artist at the counter insisted that I don't get the lightest shade (usually I have to go with the lightest) and I must say she was right and I'm pleased. A bit darker color actually brings some warm hues to my complexion. And now I can't use it heavily, then you could tell the color difference. I also picked the Brow Set Gel in shade clear, I was running out my current one.

As a bonus for being such a good girl lately I picked up this gorgeous lipgloss from Sephora's own collection. Lovely purple with blue and pink shimmer. Plain lovely! It's called Dazzling violet-reflex.

That's all, I think this was a very nice haul, I'm pleased with everything and I didn't go crazy and splurge all my money. I AM a good girl!

Thanks for reading!

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