Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: NARS Angelika!

Yet another raving review coming up this time!

I purchased my NARS blush in Angelika not that long ago when I visited a Sephora in Paris. I almost ended up not buying it but then the crazy fog lifted and I walked this new love of mine to the check out counter. And I'm so glad I did! Because this could be one of the best blushes I've ever tried.

The packaging design is classy and I like it, but the one minus is that the rubbery package gets dirty pretty quickly. You'd have to store it in it's original cardboard package to avoid this.

You get 4,8 grams of product which is quite nice amount. This will last a long time because the product inside is very truly immensely pigmented. You also get a good sized mirror within the package, I like that.

But the real treasure can be found inside! Look at that color! And the shimmers! I could just look at it for...days. The color is a bright pink with a gentle purple tone that makes it a cool pink without beeing too purple or not wearable for warmer skin tones. This is a wearable color for most skin tones in my opinion. But absolutely a perfect match for the pale girls!

You have to apply this with a light hand, one layer of the color is most definitely enough! The pigmentation is just amazing. I've had no problems with blending. Just one sweep gives you a nice flush of pink color and a pale girl like me looks again all healthy and alive. I just love this blush and I also like to overdo it, no doubt about that. I seem to love a lot of things in this blog. But love needs to be spread, right?

The shimmers are silvery and in the pan it seems like it could be too much, too glittery. But once when you sweep this over your cheeks the shimmers are not that visible and during the day they seem to disappear somehow anyway. I like the shimmers and I would like them to stay but it turns out that the shimmers are quite large so they don't want to stay on my cheeks. But the color stays all day long!

So pretty...

This is pretty close to my all time favourite blush from Make Up Store, the Matt Glory.

NARS is a high end brand so the prices also are in the higher end. I paid 29€ for this baby and I personally think it was worth of every penny.

If you like a girly, pretty, cool, cotton candy pink on your cheeks, you will love this. This is the perfect pink for a girl to have in her makeup bag (or closet in my case).

Thanks for reading!

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