Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: NARS Albatross!

Apparently, I'm also always in search of the perfect highlighter. I use and abuse highlighters like no-one and after my two favourites, NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlight and Mschic Highlighting powder, run out, I've been on the hunt again!

NARS Albatross, THE highlighter for a lot of beauty junkies, had been on my wish list for some time. I just couldn't get my hands on it but then one day in Paris, in a Sephora...

I paid the ridiculous 29€ from this candy cane! Was it worth it? I think you know the answer.

Oh well...
The package has the same problem I mentioned when a review my NARS Angelika blush, it gets dirty pretty soon if you don't keep it away from your other makeup products. It's a shame, an expensive product turning into a shabby looking thing so fast.

4,8 grams of product seems like a lot for a blush or a highlighter but for me, the highlighter abuser, it seems quite a little. I'm afraid I will hit pan pretty quickly and then I end up not using it too often.

But just look! A pretty white can I resist and not use something like this? The texture is everything I expected it to be: smooth, creamy, velvety...just plain lovely I'll say.

Albatross can look a little boring and too white in the pan but it has an amazing golden pearly finish! There are no visible shimmers, it's is very finely milled. The outcome is just a warm golden hue, my face is lightened up and glowy. You don't need much, just one sweep is enough! I use this all over my face (actually this time with a light hand) and it's not too much during the daytime.

Albatross has become absolutely one of my favourites. It's definitely worth the 29€. Plain glow and loveliness! I just have to slow down my highlighter consumption or Albatross will take all my money... Because I see some definite repurchases coming in the future!

I would recommend this luxury item for every girl who has not found their HG highligher yet. This is it! You get that lovely glow that every girl dreams of.

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