Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fyrinnae Glow Blushes!

Finally I had the time to take pictures of my Fyrinnae order! I ordered a few Glow Blush samples with one Bronzer and one Highlighter sample. These colors are so amazing! They are glowy like the name says, not glittery at all. The shimmers are finely milled and very subtle...all of these blushes are just gorgeous.

Upper row from left: Highlighter Confidence, Glow Blushes Charm, Enchant & Captivate
Bottom row from left: Bronzer Light Matte, Glow Blushes Mesmerize, Enrapture & Bewitching

From left: Fyrinnae Highlighter Confidence & Glow Blushes Charm, Enchant and Captivate

Confidence: An amazing highlighter with a pink tone, I love it! Not glittery at all, the shimmers are finely milled and hardly visible.

Charm: A bright pale pink, but not this bright after applying on the skin. The color is on the cool side but turns out to be much warmer on my skin that I would have thought. A very pretty color indeed, don't be afraid of what it looks like in the jar! It's definitely not neon.

Enchant: A bright coral, almost orangy on the skin. Very bright, be careful with this one! Pretty applied with a light hand.

Captivate: This looks like a warm peachy/rosey color to me. A difficult combination for my skin tone.

From left: Fyrinnae Bronzer Matte Light, Glow Blushes Mesmerize, Enrapture & Bewitching

Matte Light: Not entirely matte brown bronzer, there are teeny tiny shimmers that are hardly visible. An amazing brown color for contouring a pale complexion, not orangy at all! Very pigmented, a little amount goes a long way.

Mesmerize:My favourite! A bright pink color with a purple tone. This matches my skin tone perfectly, one of my all time favourites! I will definitely purchase the big jar of this. Could be the winner of all the blushes I've owned so far, will see..I love this so much, I tell you.

Enrapture: A rosey pink color, this one is very pretty! It looks very neutral to me, could be great for a large range of skin tones. Pretty, did I say already?

Bewitching: A pretty plum shade on the jar but on my skin unfortunately turns out muddy and a bit dirty looking, Has a strong brown-pink tone on the skin. But looks amazing on the jar, don't you think? Sadly, not my colour.

Very successfull order from Fyrinnae, I'm in love. I will definitely place another order pretty soon.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Mullekin tuli noita viimeisimmän tilauksen mukana, postaus on tulossa loppuviikosta. Tilasin Charmin, Enrapturen, Mesmerizen ja Temptationin, joka oli itselleni ihan liian tumma. Muut ovsy yodi kauniita, noita on pakko tilata lisää! Highlighterit ovat myös ihania, omassa paketissani sain Confidencen lisäksi In the Spotlightin, joka on (uskaltaako tätä nyt sanoa) melkeinpä kuin paranneltu versio Albatrossista.

  2. Mun täytyy siis tilata tuo In the Spotlight myös...aivan ihana nimittäin tuo Confidence koostumukseltaan ja kaikin puolin! Jään odottamaan sun postausta :)

  3. Mikähän ihme typo tuonne on tullut? Olisinkohan yrittänyt sanoa, että muut sävyt olivat kauniita... :D

  4. Oh these look so pretty! I haven't tried their highlighters