Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: We Care Icon Magnetic Lips lipglosses

A lipgloss review coming up!

This brand called We Care Icon is only sold here in Finland by a big department store Sokos. It's a very affordable brand that according to their words want to emphasize ecological values. That's what the trend is right now.

I have two of the Magnetic Lips Perfect Shine Lipglosses. The shades are 1 Natural Gloss and 4 True Rose.

I have been using these for some time now to give you my opinions. I chose these two very safe colours. One of them is a clear cool pink color and the other one is a rosey neutral color.

1 Natutal Gloss is just a basic clear gloss with a hint of pink in it. The pink colour does not show up on the lips, but this is a nice basic gloss worn with a pinky lip liner or lipstick. These glosses have a very neutral vanilla like scent. It's very subtle and doesn't bother me.

4 True Rose is a very pigmented rosey gloss with no shimmer. It's actually so pigmented for a gloss that I find it hard to apply without a mirror. Staying power is also good, with both of these glosses!

There's a one but. We Care Icon glosses have the brush applicator. Yes, I'm not a fan. Probably because I'm bad at using the brush type applicators. I get the gloss all over my face with the brush. Maybe it's just me (no, it's not). I like a sturdy wand for my glosses.

These are the sticky type that I personally am not that fond of. I mean I do like it that a color stays on a decent time but I don't like the sticky feeling and my hair getting glued to my lips (not that flattering).

But I know some people like the sticky ones better, so if you are one of them I would recommend We Care Icon glosses for you. And if you don't mind the brush applicator! After all these are good basic glosses with a great color range available. I just don't like the brush applicator that much.

Thanks for reading!

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