Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: Avon Face Pearls

I've got another highlighter for you! I haven't really been buying anything lately, so I decided to test some Avon products since I hadn't tried them yet.

I ordered the Avon Face Pearls, these are the illuminating ones. There are also bronzing ones and ones that have more sparkle and glitter.

The packaging is pretty sleek and simple. I like it. Black is always classic.

It come with this...thing that keeps the pearls in their place so they won't get broken.

So pretty! There are lighter and darker pearls mixed. I just love looking at them! Ah.

Avon face pearls are not glittery at all, it gives you subtle glow with a warm peachy tone. Pale girls like me can use this as a blusher too, the color blended comes out as a warm peachy pink. The glow is not too much at all, you can easily wear this on everyday basis and not get the wet look at all. I'm liking this a lot! To be honest, I didn't have any expectations, Avon as a brand has not appealed to me that much. So I'm positively surprised.

One minus is the size of the package, the container is too big for my taste and you can't really carry this around in your makeup bag. And if you did, the pearls might get squashed. But all and all a pretty good highligher for daytime use! I would recommend if you want to avoid the glittery/shimmery effect but still bring some light to your complexion.

I swatched a lighter pearl and a darker one separately. I wasn't able to get a good picture from the blended outcome.

Thanks fo reading!


  1. I have this pearls and I really like it !

  2. I love these pearls, have been using them for years