Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I got some time ago the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting spray. Now it's time to read the verdict.

I must say that this is the very first makeup setting spray that I’ve ever had, and I also must say I should have had this years ago. I have very very veeery oily skin, I mean so oily I get the wet look on my cheeks as well, not just the t-zone as I mentioned in the De-Slick review. After applying my foundation I get oily in 20 minutes and definitely need to blot in two hours. I use a mattifying primer which helps a little. I don’t really see the difference between mineral makeup and liquid foundation when it comes to this oil issue. I use both foundations and I get as oily, it doesn’t depend on the type of foundation. I think it is easier to fix the mineral foundation with kabuki brush though, just a few sweeps after blotting and it looks fine. I have been driven almost to the edge of giving up this fight. There is no product that makes this problem disappear.
The Urban Decay All Nighter is no exception, it does not make this whole problem disappear. But it does give me some extra oil free hours! Yes it does. I am quite happy with this! For the first time in years I don’t have to blot after one or two hours after applying makeup.

The All Nighter promises 16 oil free hours. I didn't believe that in the first place, so I'm not that disappointed. I thought that if it gave me just one extra oil-free hour I would be happy. This is not exactly for oily skin, so I believe this would work better for normal or combination skin types.

I apply this before my makeup as a primer and then after applying makeup to set it. I spray three pumps, one on each side and then on the forehead. You may want to spray this before your mascara because it may get smudged. The spray is fine, but sometimes leaves wet spots, so I could be better.

This works great with a mattifying gel like the UD De-Slick. That combination gives me many oil-free hours, I just can't believe it! Without the mattifying gel, it still gives you extra oil-free time.

All Nighter does a pretty good job in setting my makeup. After the tree pumps my skin looks evened out and polished. It gives the final touch for my skin, I like that a lot.

Let's see the pros and cons list:

+gives extra oil-free hours
+sets your makeup nicely, skin looks evened out
+the amount of product you get

-quite expensive
-packaging looks almost cheap
-can wet your mascara
-spray doesn't come out very evenly, leaves wets spots

This retails for about $29 and comes in a bottle of 118 ml / 4.0 fl oz.

Eventhough the con list is longer, I think this is a good product and if you're looking for a setting spray and you have normal or combination skin, I would recommend this to you. It is a bit pricey, but does the job pretty well. The 16 hours promise is exaggerated though...that is just not true.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Benefit 10. Another highlighter, are you kidding me..

Hi there!

I've hauled myself some more Benefit products, this was some time ago. 10 being one of them, I wanted to take a closer look at it. It has two sides, the highlighter and the bronzer baked together. I don't really do anything with bronzers, they don't work the way they should with my skin. Being very fair, bronzer just is not good for contouring, looks weird and a bit tacky. But the highlighter is a good one!

Comes with the flat brush, it would actually be useful if I used bronzers, with one sweep I could contour and highlight.

The bronzer has a golden fine shimmer. It is not glittery, but the shimmers are visible. The bronzer does not have that much pigmentation. You can use it as an all over bronzing powder if you are anything else than very fair.

The highlighter has a pink tone, it has finely milled shimmers that give you pearly finish with a touch of glisten. I really like this one, it's very close to my all time favourite NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter. I would buy a full size box filled only with this one.

I think my Benefit 10 might be a fake though. Nothing else implies that but the Benefit boxed powders are supposed to have a scent, this one doesn't. Maybe it just has faded, I don't know, I'll be using it anyway. But the fact that I can't be sure about it being authentic, I'm not that excited about this perfect duo that I would like to be.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Review: Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube Mattifying Gel

Oh do I have some great news for girls with oily skin!!!

Some time ago I purchased the Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube that is a mattifying gel. Now I have used it for a while and let me tell you, once again I cannot believe that I haven't tried this before. I'm so mad at myself for not looking for a product like this before and actually making my life better! I was just happily dwelling in my own misery before I found this.

This stuff really works for me! I have been applying De-Slick only on my T-zone (chin, nose and forehead) because that's been the problem area even though I get oily all over by the end of the day. Let me tell you. Normally I have to blot at least after two hours after applying my makeup. I start to get oily about...20 minutes after. But with this that doesn't happen, I can go without worrying about it at least the 2 hours and not get oily! I have to blot about after 3 hours and even then my skin is not that oily. I could definitely go for another hour, but I've gotten used to blotting often, so I can't break that off... But this is a huge improvement for me!

De-Slick has a sticky consistency, it dries immediately after you apply it so you can't really work it on to your skin. I first tried applying it to larger areas but soon found that it was unnecessary. A little amount on the T-zone will do the job. And by little I mean like a teeny tiny drop.

Makeup will go smoothly on despite the sticky feeling you get from De-slick. Mineral foundation goes on without any problems except for one. If you use mineral foundation, you probably know that you can fix your makeup with a kabuki brush during the day, a few swirls with kabuki kind of rearrange the minerals to their place and your makeup looks fresh again. With De-Slick this gets a bit difficult. De-slick is so sticky, so the minerals are sticking to it very tightly. You have to apply powder or foundation with your kabuki to fix the makeup.

You get even better results if you use this with a setting spray. I use the Urban Decay All Nighter after applying De-Slick and then again after applying makeup to set it. All Nighter works as a primer too. De-slick plus two times All Nighter makes wonders! My makeup seriously stays all day. Of course I have to fix it throughout the day but without this combination there would be no makeup left by the end of the day.

I have been waiting (the pessimist that I am) for this to stop working for me but it hasn't. I just wonder how great this would be for combination skin because it's working so well for oily skin!

I was hoping this could work as a primer too. I apply my foundation primer under my eyes too to keep the concealer from creasing, but you can apply this only to the really oily areas of your skin. This is too heavy and sticky stuff to work as a primer on all over your face. So I apply my foundation primer to rest of my face. Btw, I need to find a new primer because I'm running out my GOSH one..

Let's see the pros and cons:

+ extends the oil-free time for 2-4 hours!
+ works all day, after blotting you can easily go for another 3 hours
+ small amount goes a long way
+ combined with a setting spray you get even better results
+ cute packaging

- the amount of product you get
- quite expensive
- sticky consistency

This retails for about $25 and it comes in a 20 ml / 0.67 oz tube.

If you have very oily skin like me, I would definitely recommend you to go and get this stuff. It's quite expensive but I think it is worth the money, this tube will last a long time. I'm so happy I've found it! This gel combined with my setting spray and mineral foundation my makeup lasts all day and I thought that was impossible for me to ever reach. Of course this does not keep the oil away completely, I don't think there is a product in this world that would do that. But De-Slick In A Tube helps a little and I couldn't be more excited. I'm serious. Go get it now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Everyday Minerals Haul!

Morning there!

So I got my order from Everyday Minerals today! I ordered 5 items, the foundation and the concealer I really needed, the blushes were kind of extra. I picked 5 full size items so I got 25% off my order which was great. I'll be writing a post about minerals and the companies I like the most later on.

I got two Intensive Base foundations in shade Fair Neutral. I have found this shade to be their lightest one, I've also tried shades Fair and Ivory. Fair had a gentle pink tone to it and Ivory had a beige tone. It seems that the neutral one is the best for me. This is the intensive formula so it gives me pretty much full coverage.

I also needed a new concealer so I got the Aussie Perk Me Up. I used to have the Intensive Fair concealer but I wanted to try this one because it has a pearlecsent formula that is supposed to bring light to my face where the Intensive Fair is a matt concealer. We'll see how this works.

I ordered two blushes. Now I must say these are not working for me at all. When I opened the package I was really disappointed because I had waited for these the most. The pictures from the EM's site do not match with these. This SoCo one looked like it could work, in the jar it looks a cool pink color but then I swatched it on my hand and it's too dark for me, very dirty and it oddly looses the pink tone. It just turns dirty almost brownish red on my skin. Weird. This is not for a pale girl like me!

The Like Lady Bird Lake looked pink and shimmery on the pages but it is not. It's a dirty apple red and the pink is nowhere to be seen. It has more of an orange tone than pink. And this is too dark for me too. I didn't even swatch this one, I'll be selling it to someone who can give it a loving home.

I did look for the swatch pictures but I guess I did a bad job! And SoCo being a new color there was only a few pictures to be found. I learned my lesson, no more ordering mineral blushes without seeing a good range of swatches first. But I'm happy with the rest of my order!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

September Favourites!


I decided to start this...thing where I list my favourite makeup and beauty products from the past month. Many bloggers and Youtube beauty gurus do this so why not! I'm a little late though, as it already is the 9th of October...

So last month I discovered many new favourites and rediscovered old loved ones. Let's see.

My first favourite (of all highlighters by the way) is this NYX Mosaic Powder in shade Highlighter. My love for highlighters is neverending, and my love for this one is something special. I have lots of highlighters, but everytime I'm finished applying my morning dosage of glow straight from the pan I usually finish it with this one. There is no other like this, this one has no glitter or shimmer, just sheer pearl finished glow. I hear that NARS Albatross is quite like this, but as I haven't had my hands on that one, I will keep on loving this.

Next is my newly found blush, Make Up Store blush in shade Matt Glory. I have a review on this, this is just love. I have been using this almost everyday the past month.

This is also a new thing, Make Up Store's slanted blush brush. Can't remember the number. I love Make Up Store Brushes, they are very good quality and very veeery soft! Love it. So much!

I've been liking this Tweezerman eyelash curler. I got it a couple of months ago and will never go back to the cheap ones. I knew I had quite long lashes, but after starting to use the Tweezerman one, people have been asking if I got lash extensions! Not kidding.

I used mineral foundation almost everyday last month. I used liquid one or two times the whole month! And I used to be a liquid foundation girl all the way. Nevertheless, I've been using Lily Lolo's foundation in Porcelain, but soon will be back to Everydayminerals' Intesive Base in Neutral Fair (as soon as my order arrives...carrying other mineral goodies too). Maybe I'll write a whole post dedicated to minerals.

I use this almost everyday, my Coastal Scents angle brush. Just perfect for countouring! Could'n find it on their pages, maybe they don't sell it anymore..?

NYX Single Eyeshadow in White Pearl. Most days I don't wear eyeshadow at all, I just apply this under my brows for highlight and little on my teardot. Just to brighten my eyes!

Herbina moisturising mask is the very best. I've tried a whole lot of moisturising masks and even more, nothing seems to suit my oily skin better than this market brand stuff. I'm afraid they will discontinue this so I must go and byu a few, you know for the cold and harsh winter...right after my ban ends!
Another favourite is also an old love of mine, Clinique's exfoliating scrub. This has been discontinued and the new 7 Day Scrub is nothing compared to this. Why do they get rid of all the best stuff?

I could list a whole bunch of other stuff but I will stop now!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

September haul! + shopping ban

Evening there!

Ok, this month I can't buy any new stuff. Unless I really need it. Like really really, for example if something important runs out. This only because I don't really need anything, September I hauled A LOT. And I have to save money for my future plans (world domination, that is).

So, because I can't buy anything this month, let's see what I hauled last month.

I picked up these two lipglosses from my local department store that sells this We Care Icon brand exclusively (here in Finland). I have been using the darker one and based on that I like these glosses. Don't care much about the applicator though, it is a brush. With that I got this all over my face the first time I tried this. It was the brush's fault naturally.

In the beginning of September I hauled this Sensai 38 'C mascara. It has been my favourite for years and now I got a good discount so I had to take her home. I only use this or waterproof mascaras. This is easier to remove than waterproof, but doesn't hold curl as well.

Then I got these Dermosil goodies, a natural eyepencil and a body lotion. I also got a shower gel but I've already used like half of it. Great stuff!

This was pure luck! I found some good stuff on sale. I used to love GOSH Loose Powder but then it (of course) got discontinued. Then they came up with this Loose Mineral Powder. I liked the previous loose one because of its pearly finish, it really lightend up my face. I haven't found anything as good as that since and then I came across with this! Lucky me and this was on sale too. Normally it retails for 13,90€ but now it was only for 6,00€. Surely I hauled two. I meand I had to.

Then I found a true bargain, two Maybelline mascaras for the price of one! So I picked up the waterproof ones from Define-A-Lash and Define-A-Lash Volume. I haven't used them yet but can't wait what they can do to my lashes. And I saved like...a lot of money. It doesn't grow in the trees you know!

I'm sure this was not all but right now I couldn't figure out anything else. I must have hidden stuff, again...

The idea of this shopping ban is making me crazy. Maybe tomorrow I go smell some parfumes to make me feel better. Or torture myself. I have to be ready when this madness ends and then I'll be buying me a new scent!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review: NYX Powder Blush in Pinky

And the search goes on!

This is one of my favourite blushes, NYX Powder Blush in Pinky.

It is a really bright pink with a subtle blueish shimmer. The shimmers are not that noticeable, so this is very much usable during the daytime. This is on the cool side, but definitely not too much. Like most of the NYX blushes, this has got tons of pigment. I like!

You must be careful with this. Pinky blends easily, but you must apply with careful hand to avoid the clown effect. Eventhough I have a very pale skin, this looks great on me. Not too bright at all, so if you have fair skin, don't be afraid of this. Ok, my judgement may be a little off when it comes to this matter. I like it bright. And my pale skin is just like an empty canvas waiting to be coloured. Ah, that sounds almost poetic! ...didn't really know I had it in me.

If I ever hit pan with this, I will most certainly repurchase! I really like NYX blushes, and this is my favourite one for sure. These are very cheap but great quality. Loves!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Illuminating Powder

Hello there!

I recently bought Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight, it is an illuminating powder for the whole face. You see, highlighters are my other obsession alongside with blushes. The most ridiculous thing is that I don't really even need highlighters, I have oily skin that does that job more than well. But I just cannot resist...and I use highlighters everyday, I just love to go overboard.

I watched a review about the Candlelight on Youtube plus it was on sale so I got it.

I just can't resist a cute packaging. I don't care what's inside...

Well actually there is some pretty good stuff inside. This is a very neutral beige that suits very many skin tones. The color doesn't really show up on your face, it just gives a glowy finished look. This powder has golden shimmers. Texture is very fine, but the shimmers are quite big and definitely NOT invisible. I must say, it could be too much for daytime to use on your whole face, but this looks great on the cheeks over a blusher. But on the forehead or on the brige of my nose it looks too much on the daytime. So perfect for evening looks!
Ok, I have worn this on my whole face during the day too because I just don't care. If you want to do that that is just more than fine!

It came with this pink spongy applicator, but I don't find it very useful. I like to use highlighters with a bigger brush for a more natural finish (believe it or not...haha). Candlelight has a quite big mirror inside, that is a plus.
This retails for about 20€.

This swatch picture doesn't really show the real size of the shimmers. It gives a hint though. But I like the finish anyway even with the relatively big shimmers! This one will be loved and used for sure. But if you like very finely milled highlighters that gives you only the glow without shimmers, this is not for you. I like those too better, but this is just too pretty...

Thanks for reading!