Thursday, August 26, 2010

My first MAC haul!

So excited!!

So these are my very first MAC products. I doubt they they will be my last...

So I hauled two Sheertone Blushes, MSF and Brow set gel.

MAC Sheertone Blush Pink Swoon:

This is a bright pink blush, alltogether a very sweet color and it sure looks like a winner in this hunt of the perfect blush. But it turns out this shows as a dirty pink on my face and I don't know why. It does not look dirty at all in the pan, it is supposed to be a bright pink. There's something wrong with my face!!

The other blush is Coygirl:

Such a cool looking color, absolutey amazing. So wrong for me though!! I seriously do not know why I picked this up. Maybe I wanted this to work so badly. This would look good on someone with a little darker skin tone than mine, but on my pale face this looks just wrong and too much. I think I will have to sell this baby, wouldn't want to but buying these wrong colors is really drinving know, broke.

This one is a keeper, Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and gentle:

Asbolutely love it!

I also picked up the Brow set gel in Clear:

This one I really needed, they didn't have it in black so I went for the clear one. This works really nicely for my brows.

No too shabby for a first MAC haul. I'm already worried about the next one.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review: Too Faced Brightening Blush La Vie En Rose


And yes, it is time for another blush review! And I think I’ve found something very special here! It is La Vie En Rose Brightening Blush by Too Faced.

Look at the packaging! With the polka dots and everything. It is made with cardboard and it has a magnet inside to hold the lid closed.

Soooo pretty!!

This blush has little sparkles in it, but once applied on my cheeks, it doesn’t show that much. The shimmers are ok, I’m not a big fan though in this case. The consistency is quite soft, I favour that in blushes.

The color is perfect for my skin tone! I mean it is like dead on. I love everything about this blush. Ok, I think there could be a teeny tiny bit more of pigment. I can layer it and it turns out to be very pretty, but usually I don’t like to do so much work with my blushes. I like to make it overdone and then blend (usually I skip the blending part and my blush is outrageously overdone…oh well). But with this one I have to apply at least two or three layers. But I think that is ok because the outcome is so adorable.

All and all, I very much like this blush and I’ve been using it almost everyday since I got it. I just can’t believe it took me two whole weeks to decide whether I should order this blush or not. I really don’t know what was wrong with me. Maybe I should see someone about that.

PS. I placed my very first MAC order. So Mac haul coming up soon! Yes, blushes..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It’s HAUL time for sure!


So I had a wish list. It was as long as the…ok it was long. And I’ve been working so hard lately and haven’t even had time to spend all that money that does not fit into my wallet! So, then came the day off. And I have my wish list. Hmm, and I wonder…oh no. I didn’t spend much time thinking whether I should go and do some shopping or stay home and clean. Even the rainstorm didn’t stop me! Off to the center it was.

I was in need of a new contouring brush. And when a makeup addict says she is in need of something, most of the time that is not even close to the truth. But I really wanted a new contouring brush with soft bristles and good quality, so I decided to get the Grimas one. Grimas is a Dutch professional makeup brand with low prices but very good quality. This brush only lightened my wallet for 11,15 €. Then I also got their Translucent powder for 6,15 €. It’s a white powder to fix your makeup and it doesn’t change the color of your foundation. This reminds me that I bought another loose powder also this week, the new Lumene loose mineral powder. Oops, how did that slip my mind so quickly. I did hide it in the back of my makeup closet like I would like it to be erased.

Then I came across this very pleasing bargain! Take a look at this. I’ve been lemming for Clinique’s All About Eyes gel for some time now but wasn’t ready to pay so much for it. But I found it in a set that consist 7 ml (0,21 oz.) jar of All About Eyes, 15 ml (0,5 oz.) Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector and the 7 Day Scrub 30 ml (1 oz.) All this for 16,90 € at my local Sokos (a Finnish retailer of selective cosmetics). No that’s what I’d call a bargain! I’ve also been looking for something to even my skin tone and to help with my first signs of ageing (yes, the dark spots). I’ve found that my skin has started to lose its radiant tone and the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is something I hope is going to help. I don’t spend any time sunbathing and always wear sun block to protect my very pale skin, but I guess you can’t help it. The normal size bottle of Even Better serum is way too expensive, but at this price I had to take it. I’m also looking forward to trying the 7 Day Scrub. I have the Clinique scrub for oily skin and it has made wonders, but I think they have discontinued it. What a shame. But I’ll be writing a review on both these scrubs later. Anyway, I’m very pleased that I found this. And yes, I had to take two. It would have been total sillyness to leave it there! I still have room in my closet…

Then I also got Lumene’s Bright Skin Radiance Serum. I got this actually before I found those Clinique bags, but I think I didn’t waste my money. I got this because my skin needs something like this right now. It was 19,95 € but I got a very nice discount.

I also picked up Isadora’s Inliner Kajal in shade 56 Blondie. This one will brighten up my eyes when applied to the lower waterline. This one I actually needed! Believe you me.

No, I didn’t stop there! I entered my favorite store in this city, Kicks. It is all cosmetics retailer and I love it! My wish list wasn’t anywhere near ending so I ended up buying there soft powder applicators and their face buffer. Looking forward trying that! Actually I intended to by the one from The Body Shop but this one was cheaper so I took it. I also got the Depend acetone-free nail polish remover, I hear it is the best so I have to give it a try.

That was about it, surely I got some clothes too and some accessories for the fall. I bought some basic cardigans, tops and t-shirts that will pretty much take me through the fall and early winter when I mix and match them. The day offs are costing me so much! But lucky me, it’s work day tomorrow again.

Review: Benefit Coralista (my first Benefit!)


I have only just recently discovered the wonderful world of Benefit Cosmetics. These products have been blazed about in the beauty blogs for ages, but just now I've got my hands on my first Benefit blush. Or someone could call them beauty powders I guess.

This baby landed in my makeup closet just the other day and boy was I excited! I waited the mailman to bring me this so badly that every day when I heard him moving in the hallway I went waiting by the door with my hands reached out ready to catch the package.

It is so pretty. First, the packaging! Surely I had seen the packaging before in other blogs and websites, but never live. You see we don’t have Benefit here in Finland. But it is so pretty with the leopard printing and the colors and everything. Makes you wanna put it in a class bottle and never let anyone touch it with slimy fingers!

Inside you can find this brush that comes with the blush, but I don’t really think it is very usable. And if you don’t use it, it is just in the way.

But look at the color of this baby!! It is shimmery coral pink. The consistency is quite smooth, it doesn’t apply very heavily but is buildable. The shimmers are quite subtle.

I don’t think this is that pigmented though. It is buildable and also can be used as an all over face powder or to give your cheekbones just a little highlight. Works for me!

But once again, this is SO not the right color for me. And once again I’m little sad about this. But I had it coming, I just never learn! But because this is not that pigmented and it is shimmery, I have used this as a highlight color and an all over powder on my face to give me that nice dewy look that I’m very fond of. And it works perfectly like that for me, so this pretty thing will definitely be loved and used.
Now I just must have the Benefit Thrrrob. And maybe the highlighter/bronzer 10 too…and Dandelion..

Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: Make Up Store Blush Must Have

I wanted to show you one of the sweetest blushes in my makeup closet, Make Up Store’s blush in Must Have.

It's absolutely adorable, a lovely soft but at the same time bright color for everyday use. The very first time I saw this in Make Up Store's limited edition collection (released in this spring) at my local Make Up Store counter I had to have it, like right away. And I did.

For those in the countries that don’t have Make Up Store, it's a Swedish makeup brand with relatively high quality products. It's used by many professionals and sold in over 20 countries. The colors are very pigmented and the most thing I like about this brand is that all the product are free of fragrance. MUS is not the cheapest, the price range is somewhere around MAC's, at least in Finland.

Ok, moving on to this pretty one! This blush is very much a summery, peachy coral color, you can say. It has a slight orangy tone to it on my cheeks. This blush is SO pigmented! The consistency is very soft, it applies on so smoothly and it has no shimmer. You can easily overdone this, and usually I, oh well, leave the house wearing this blush overdone. As usual. I love everything about this blush. Over and over again I reach for this in my makeup closet and just want to look at it and swatch it on my hand. Ah, there’s nothing like love at first sight, and this has lasted the whole spring and summer! It’s a keeper, I’d say.

Swatch comparison: on the left MUS Must have, on the right NYX Powder Blush Pinky

There is a one but. This color doesn’t match my skin tone…like at all. I’m so upset. My skin tone is very pale and cool colors suit me way better than warm peachy colors. I don’t want to remember this when I’m shopping and going crazy over pretty blush colors. I hate it when this happens (and it does happen more often than I would like to confess). I guess the search for the perfect blush didn’t end with Must Have.

Thanks for reading!

Small Urban Decay haul!

I wanted to show you what the nice mailman brought me the other day! I ordered from Look Fantastic some Urban Decay goodies.

I picked the Glide on 24/7 pen in shade Zero which is a deep black color. I have read some great reviews on this pen and it has gotten in many beauty bloggers HG lists. I just couldn’t resist, there was still room in my makeup closet for the perfect pen. I’ve had some trouble with the waterline, nothing really has ever stayed on more than 2 hours.

But this thing really works! It stays on and on and on. I didn’t have any expectations about this, if it lasted through a 5 hour workday on my waterlines, then I would have been satisfied. But it actually did stay on for a 9 hour workday too! I am very pleased with this for now. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t lose its magic.

The other thing that I got was the Urban Decay makeup setting spray, All Nighter. I was in need of a setting spray, in fact I had never even had one. I have very oily skin and now that I think about it I should have had something like this for years now. But no! Actually UD has a setting spray specially for oily skin, but Look Fantastic did not have that and I could not find it anywhere else that delivers to Finland. (And now I’m thinking I still can’t believe I don’t have an eBay account).
This setting spray promises 16 oil free hours. 16! That is a lot and I don’t really think it is going to work for that long, especially on my very oily skin. I would be happy if it gave me 3-4 shine free hours. Usually I have like 20 minutes before the oil breakage starts. I don’t really like my acne prone skin that much. I have to do so much extra work to keep my skin looking decent compared to a person with normal skin type. I’m jealous to all you lucky girls out there that don’t have this problem. Yes, you are lucky!
I have only tried this for couple of times, so I can’t say yet if it really works. I’m going to do a review on this in few weeks and then we’ll see about that 16 hours!

That’s it for now!


Hi everyone. I have thought about starting this blog for a year now, and today is the day that I finally start my own journey in the world of blogging. Other beauty and makeup blogs have inspired me to do this, and now I can share my thoughts and love for makeup with the rest of the makeup addicts out there. Beauty or makeup has nothing to do with my job, it is just a hobby that I very much enjoy. First post coming right up! I just have to adjust the layout and stuff first.