Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

These highlighters just keep coming!

MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish or just MSF in Soft and Gentle has become one of my favourites. This is my first MSF and the only one at the moment. My city doesn't have a MAC counter so MAC is a bit hard to get for me.

I chose Soft and Gentle because I read some reviews telling it's not as glittery or too shimmery as the other MSFs. These pictures were taken before I started using Soft and Gentle.

Just look how pretty! Soft and Gentle is a baked highlighting powder and the color is a light gold with lighter vains in it.

And it's definitely not too shimmery! The shimmers are there but they are very finely milled and hardly visible. When the light hits my face directly maybe then you could see some subtle shimmering. I chose this one over the other MSFs because of the light and neutral color, Soft and Gentle doesn't give any bronzing color to your face but it gives just a nice glowy warm hue. Just lovely!

I have oily skin and I don't really need that extra glow all over my face but then again I tend to ignore that and use this with a heavy hand. Surprised?

The consistency is very soft, almost creamy like. I apply Soft and Gentle with a large face brush or a stippling duo fiber brush for a lighter application (never, that is). A fan brush would be great for those who like to use highlighters with a light hand.

Soft and Gentle gives a gentle warm finish to your look and is very wearable even during the day time. No wonder I've heard people say that MSF is their secret weapon when it comes to enhansing their natural beauty. That's exactly what it does!

MSFs retail for $28 in the U.S. and in Finland around 28€, I can't remember the exact price. It's from MAC's permanent collection. Soft and Gentle is a luxury item in my makeup collection and it makes me feel really pretty and pampered when I use it. Worth every penny, I'll say.

Thanks for reading!


  1. It is incredibly beautiful!! Wowo!!
    I love it. Thanks for reviewing and swatching it.
    XOXO from a new follower here,

  2. It looks gorgeous!!!
    The color looks very soft and chic. I like that is not glittery as other MSFs (I do not own any MSF's but I've seen lots of swatches) :).

    Enoy it!

  3. Hi Girl, I just recently purchased this gorgeous highlighter/blush from MAC.IT was awesome! And Im so addicted to it:)Just followed you btw. Feel free to visit me sometime too!

  4. Hi Aimee, thanks for following. I will definitely visit your blog too!

    And I'm still loving Soft and Gentle, it sure is awsome!

  5. Pretty swatch! Looking forward for the next MSF that you’ll be reviewing!
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines