Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Favourites!

Hi there!

I know I skipped October's favourites but that's only because I pretty much liked the same stuff that I did in September. But this month I have been into other goodies too!

My shopping ban has been going on very well, I have only relapsed once or twise. Only makeup I bought was just one lipliner! Then I also had to place an order in Cherry Culture because my favourite contouring blush turned into pieces after I dropped it on the floor...Other than that I've been a really good girl with my shopping ban!

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat is one of the best there is, I think.

This Urban Decay De-Slick Maffifying...stuff is just great. Read the review here.

Oooh this is just love (again...). This is my first and only MAC MSF and I just love it. It's the Soft and Gentle. Not too glittery or shimmery, just nice golden glow to give a warm tone for my face. I need to buy a backup and soon!

I've been using day after day this NYX Palette. It has Sahara, Suede and Chocolate in it. Actually I've been using Chocolate for contouring after my original contouring blush broke into pieces. Perfec contouring color for the pale faces! The picture is taken before I started using this.

That's about it, thanks for reading!

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