Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: MAC Sheertone Blush in Coygirl

The search is still on for the perfect blush! This time I wanted to review MAC's Sheertone Blush in Coygirl. It was one of my first MAC products and it took some time before we became as good friends as we are now. I'm in love with this blush, oh yes! This is part of MAC's permanent collection.

It took me a while to understand that cool pinks and purples suit me way better than warm pinks. With Coygirl I also purchased Pink Swoon which was not good for me so I had to let her go...always a sad day when one of my babies leaves the nest.

It's a Sheertone, so it's sheer but at the same time pigmented! It's very buildable and applies smoothly giving a matt finish, so perfect for beginners. You can't really go wrong with this. Of course I like to abuse this one too...

Sorry about the poor quality of the swatch, oh, what a shame. I tried to capture the real color of this blush. With flash that's not possible and the daylight is a rare sight right now in Finland.

Here's another swatch pic, hopefully a better one!

Coygirl looks very purple in the pan but once swatched or applied it looks cool pink. It has a berry tone, I would say. Very nice and unique color! This is one of my favourites for sure. So I would recommend this to you if you are in need for a cool sheer blush. Don't be afraid of what the color looks like in the pan, you really need to swatch it!

But I have one problem when it comes to the search of the perfect blush. I haven't bought a blush for a long time and I just don't even know where to start looking! Any suggestions for brands? Ideas are more than welcome!

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