Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: Lumene Translucent Mineral Loose Powder

Morning there!

So I've been looking for THE loose powder for some time now and therefore ended up getting a...bunch of them. Lumene (a Finnish brand) used to have this great loose powder and then they discontinued it. I was so sad, it used to be my and many other's favourite setting powder. But not so long ago Lumene returned with a mineral loose powder! Well it's not all mineral, it has other ingredients too, but like many other drugstore brands, Lumene also markets their products as mineral makeup. Not commenting this subject in this post though.

Of course I had to test this one out!

The packaging is very classic and simple with the blue lid and frosty jar. Blue is Lumene's distinctive color.

The product itself it very finely milled and soft. I have applied this powder with a large soft powder brush and I must say that the texture is maybe a bit too fine. Powder gets everywhere and makes a mess! I find this to be a problem, you really can't inhale while applying this!

All this beside, the powder really does its job setting my makeup very well! I usually apply it over my entire face after my mineral or liquid foundation. It's light and not cakey at all. Very nice finish indeed! It has a matt finish, so no shimmers here! Because I myself am having a little thing for shimmery pearly finishes this could be a teeny tiny problem...but I won't let it bother me!

The only available color is translucent and that's what it is, it doesn't change the color of your foundation. For my pale complexion the powder seems too dark in the jar but works just fine because of the translucent quality.

Lumene Translucent Mineral Loose Powder retails for about 17€. I really can't say where you can find this besides Finland and Sweden, I'm sorry about that.

An applicator comes with the powder and if you like to set your makeup padding the product on with a sponge, this one works just fine. It is quite small though but soft. If you have oily skin, padding the powder onto your skin is recommended so your makeup stays on longer. I know that and yet I tend to ignore this information for some reason. I just must love my powder brushes too much!

Here's the INCI for those interested:

As you can see, 97 % of the ingredients come from a natural sources. Nice improvement Lumene! This includes talc, which I'm not that happy about but my skin can take it so why not.

If you are looking for a fine setting powder with a matt finish I would recommend Lumene's Loose Powder. It is not expensive and still very good quality. I'm pleased that Lumene has a loose powder in their collection again!

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  1. this was very helpful! thanks a lot!

  2. I had a few Lumene products a few years ago and I loved their pressed powder. They don't sell the brand here anymore though.

  3. Their pressed powders are very good quality! It's a shame they don't sell the brand in your country :(