Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: Benefit Thrrrob

It's been a while since I've reviewed a blush!

I've had Thrrrob from Benefit for some time now and I really don't know if I like this or not!

The packaging is just plain lovely! So pretty and kinda sexy with the ribbons and the coloring. Like all the boxed powders from Benefit this one also comes with a brush. I don't find it to be usefull at all. Maybe some people use it with success but I really don't like it. Benefit poxed powders are expensive but you get a good amount of product!

Thrrrob is a sheer light pink blush with white or silver shimmers. It is so sheer it doesn't really show up on my face but I like the glow it gives me. And remember, I'm the pale girl. You have to apply this quite amount to give you some color. At least I feel this way. Ok, I wear my blushes heavily and overdone but Benefit Thrrrob doesn't allow me to do that with one or two brush strokes. That doesn't mean this is a bad blush...! The color is light enough to wear as an all over face powder or as a highlighter and it works very well used like that.

The texture is quite silky and it allows smooth application.

Because of the light color and the lack of pigmentation I usually reach for other blushes in my collection. I give Thrrrob a chance now and then but after that I feel like I need to add some color with another blush. I think this is just my problem, not so many people want to leave the house looking so...bright.

Here's the swatch applied heavily:

All and all I like the Benefit Thrrrob as a highlighter and because of its pretty packaging. As a blush it doesn't work the way I would like it to work. Benefit Thrrrob is a nice blush if you are looking for a sheer and subtle pink color. The name Thrrrob doesn't really suit very well here, the blush needs some more color and vibrancy to live up to its name. Didn't find the winner here, so I'll keep on looking!

Thanks for reading!

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