Thursday, October 7, 2010

September haul! + shopping ban

Evening there!

Ok, this month I can't buy any new stuff. Unless I really need it. Like really really, for example if something important runs out. This only because I don't really need anything, September I hauled A LOT. And I have to save money for my future plans (world domination, that is).

So, because I can't buy anything this month, let's see what I hauled last month.

I picked up these two lipglosses from my local department store that sells this We Care Icon brand exclusively (here in Finland). I have been using the darker one and based on that I like these glosses. Don't care much about the applicator though, it is a brush. With that I got this all over my face the first time I tried this. It was the brush's fault naturally.

In the beginning of September I hauled this Sensai 38 'C mascara. It has been my favourite for years and now I got a good discount so I had to take her home. I only use this or waterproof mascaras. This is easier to remove than waterproof, but doesn't hold curl as well.

Then I got these Dermosil goodies, a natural eyepencil and a body lotion. I also got a shower gel but I've already used like half of it. Great stuff!

This was pure luck! I found some good stuff on sale. I used to love GOSH Loose Powder but then it (of course) got discontinued. Then they came up with this Loose Mineral Powder. I liked the previous loose one because of its pearly finish, it really lightend up my face. I haven't found anything as good as that since and then I came across with this! Lucky me and this was on sale too. Normally it retails for 13,90€ but now it was only for 6,00€. Surely I hauled two. I meand I had to.

Then I found a true bargain, two Maybelline mascaras for the price of one! So I picked up the waterproof ones from Define-A-Lash and Define-A-Lash Volume. I haven't used them yet but can't wait what they can do to my lashes. And I saved like...a lot of money. It doesn't grow in the trees you know!

I'm sure this was not all but right now I couldn't figure out anything else. I must have hidden stuff, again...

The idea of this shopping ban is making me crazy. Maybe tomorrow I go smell some parfumes to make me feel better. Or torture myself. I have to be ready when this madness ends and then I'll be buying me a new scent!

Thanks for reading!

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