Saturday, October 9, 2010

September Favourites!


I decided to start this...thing where I list my favourite makeup and beauty products from the past month. Many bloggers and Youtube beauty gurus do this so why not! I'm a little late though, as it already is the 9th of October...

So last month I discovered many new favourites and rediscovered old loved ones. Let's see.

My first favourite (of all highlighters by the way) is this NYX Mosaic Powder in shade Highlighter. My love for highlighters is neverending, and my love for this one is something special. I have lots of highlighters, but everytime I'm finished applying my morning dosage of glow straight from the pan I usually finish it with this one. There is no other like this, this one has no glitter or shimmer, just sheer pearl finished glow. I hear that NARS Albatross is quite like this, but as I haven't had my hands on that one, I will keep on loving this.

Next is my newly found blush, Make Up Store blush in shade Matt Glory. I have a review on this, this is just love. I have been using this almost everyday the past month.

This is also a new thing, Make Up Store's slanted blush brush. Can't remember the number. I love Make Up Store Brushes, they are very good quality and very veeery soft! Love it. So much!

I've been liking this Tweezerman eyelash curler. I got it a couple of months ago and will never go back to the cheap ones. I knew I had quite long lashes, but after starting to use the Tweezerman one, people have been asking if I got lash extensions! Not kidding.

I used mineral foundation almost everyday last month. I used liquid one or two times the whole month! And I used to be a liquid foundation girl all the way. Nevertheless, I've been using Lily Lolo's foundation in Porcelain, but soon will be back to Everydayminerals' Intesive Base in Neutral Fair (as soon as my order arrives...carrying other mineral goodies too). Maybe I'll write a whole post dedicated to minerals.

I use this almost everyday, my Coastal Scents angle brush. Just perfect for countouring! Could'n find it on their pages, maybe they don't sell it anymore..?

NYX Single Eyeshadow in White Pearl. Most days I don't wear eyeshadow at all, I just apply this under my brows for highlight and little on my teardot. Just to brighten my eyes!

Herbina moisturising mask is the very best. I've tried a whole lot of moisturising masks and even more, nothing seems to suit my oily skin better than this market brand stuff. I'm afraid they will discontinue this so I must go and byu a few, you know for the cold and harsh winter...right after my ban ends!
Another favourite is also an old love of mine, Clinique's exfoliating scrub. This has been discontinued and the new 7 Day Scrub is nothing compared to this. Why do they get rid of all the best stuff?

I could list a whole bunch of other stuff but I will stop now!

Thanks for reading!

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