Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I got some time ago the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting spray. Now it's time to read the verdict.

I must say that this is the very first makeup setting spray that I’ve ever had, and I also must say I should have had this years ago. I have very very veeery oily skin, I mean so oily I get the wet look on my cheeks as well, not just the t-zone as I mentioned in the De-Slick review. After applying my foundation I get oily in 20 minutes and definitely need to blot in two hours. I use a mattifying primer which helps a little. I don’t really see the difference between mineral makeup and liquid foundation when it comes to this oil issue. I use both foundations and I get as oily, it doesn’t depend on the type of foundation. I think it is easier to fix the mineral foundation with kabuki brush though, just a few sweeps after blotting and it looks fine. I have been driven almost to the edge of giving up this fight. There is no product that makes this problem disappear.
The Urban Decay All Nighter is no exception, it does not make this whole problem disappear. But it does give me some extra oil free hours! Yes it does. I am quite happy with this! For the first time in years I don’t have to blot after one or two hours after applying makeup.

The All Nighter promises 16 oil free hours. I didn't believe that in the first place, so I'm not that disappointed. I thought that if it gave me just one extra oil-free hour I would be happy. This is not exactly for oily skin, so I believe this would work better for normal or combination skin types.

I apply this before my makeup as a primer and then after applying makeup to set it. I spray three pumps, one on each side and then on the forehead. You may want to spray this before your mascara because it may get smudged. The spray is fine, but sometimes leaves wet spots, so I could be better.

This works great with a mattifying gel like the UD De-Slick. That combination gives me many oil-free hours, I just can't believe it! Without the mattifying gel, it still gives you extra oil-free time.

All Nighter does a pretty good job in setting my makeup. After the tree pumps my skin looks evened out and polished. It gives the final touch for my skin, I like that a lot.

Let's see the pros and cons list:

+gives extra oil-free hours
+sets your makeup nicely, skin looks evened out
+the amount of product you get

-quite expensive
-packaging looks almost cheap
-can wet your mascara
-spray doesn't come out very evenly, leaves wets spots

This retails for about $29 and comes in a bottle of 118 ml / 4.0 fl oz.

Eventhough the con list is longer, I think this is a good product and if you're looking for a setting spray and you have normal or combination skin, I would recommend this to you. It is a bit pricey, but does the job pretty well. The 16 hours promise is exaggerated though...that is just not true.

Thanks for reading!

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