Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Illuminating Powder

Hello there!

I recently bought Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight, it is an illuminating powder for the whole face. You see, highlighters are my other obsession alongside with blushes. The most ridiculous thing is that I don't really even need highlighters, I have oily skin that does that job more than well. But I just cannot resist...and I use highlighters everyday, I just love to go overboard.

I watched a review about the Candlelight on Youtube plus it was on sale so I got it.

I just can't resist a cute packaging. I don't care what's inside...

Well actually there is some pretty good stuff inside. This is a very neutral beige that suits very many skin tones. The color doesn't really show up on your face, it just gives a glowy finished look. This powder has golden shimmers. Texture is very fine, but the shimmers are quite big and definitely NOT invisible. I must say, it could be too much for daytime to use on your whole face, but this looks great on the cheeks over a blusher. But on the forehead or on the brige of my nose it looks too much on the daytime. So perfect for evening looks!
Ok, I have worn this on my whole face during the day too because I just don't care. If you want to do that that is just more than fine!

It came with this pink spongy applicator, but I don't find it very useful. I like to use highlighters with a bigger brush for a more natural finish (believe it or not...haha). Candlelight has a quite big mirror inside, that is a plus.
This retails for about 20€.

This swatch picture doesn't really show the real size of the shimmers. It gives a hint though. But I like the finish anyway even with the relatively big shimmers! This one will be loved and used for sure. But if you like very finely milled highlighters that gives you only the glow without shimmers, this is not for you. I like those too better, but this is just too pretty...

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