Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Benefit 10. Another highlighter, are you kidding me..

Hi there!

I've hauled myself some more Benefit products, this was some time ago. 10 being one of them, I wanted to take a closer look at it. It has two sides, the highlighter and the bronzer baked together. I don't really do anything with bronzers, they don't work the way they should with my skin. Being very fair, bronzer just is not good for contouring, looks weird and a bit tacky. But the highlighter is a good one!

Comes with the flat brush, it would actually be useful if I used bronzers, with one sweep I could contour and highlight.

The bronzer has a golden fine shimmer. It is not glittery, but the shimmers are visible. The bronzer does not have that much pigmentation. You can use it as an all over bronzing powder if you are anything else than very fair.

The highlighter has a pink tone, it has finely milled shimmers that give you pearly finish with a touch of glisten. I really like this one, it's very close to my all time favourite NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter. I would buy a full size box filled only with this one.

I think my Benefit 10 might be a fake though. Nothing else implies that but the Benefit boxed powders are supposed to have a scent, this one doesn't. Maybe it just has faded, I don't know, I'll be using it anyway. But the fact that I can't be sure about it being authentic, I'm not that excited about this perfect duo that I would like to be.

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