Monday, October 11, 2010

Everyday Minerals Haul!

Morning there!

So I got my order from Everyday Minerals today! I ordered 5 items, the foundation and the concealer I really needed, the blushes were kind of extra. I picked 5 full size items so I got 25% off my order which was great. I'll be writing a post about minerals and the companies I like the most later on.

I got two Intensive Base foundations in shade Fair Neutral. I have found this shade to be their lightest one, I've also tried shades Fair and Ivory. Fair had a gentle pink tone to it and Ivory had a beige tone. It seems that the neutral one is the best for me. This is the intensive formula so it gives me pretty much full coverage.

I also needed a new concealer so I got the Aussie Perk Me Up. I used to have the Intensive Fair concealer but I wanted to try this one because it has a pearlecsent formula that is supposed to bring light to my face where the Intensive Fair is a matt concealer. We'll see how this works.

I ordered two blushes. Now I must say these are not working for me at all. When I opened the package I was really disappointed because I had waited for these the most. The pictures from the EM's site do not match with these. This SoCo one looked like it could work, in the jar it looks a cool pink color but then I swatched it on my hand and it's too dark for me, very dirty and it oddly looses the pink tone. It just turns dirty almost brownish red on my skin. Weird. This is not for a pale girl like me!

The Like Lady Bird Lake looked pink and shimmery on the pages but it is not. It's a dirty apple red and the pink is nowhere to be seen. It has more of an orange tone than pink. And this is too dark for me too. I didn't even swatch this one, I'll be selling it to someone who can give it a loving home.

I did look for the swatch pictures but I guess I did a bad job! And SoCo being a new color there was only a few pictures to be found. I learned my lesson, no more ordering mineral blushes without seeing a good range of swatches first. But I'm happy with the rest of my order!

Thanks for reading!

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