Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: NYX Rouge Cream Blushes


Today I decided to review my NYX Rouge Cream Blushes that I bought some while ago. Always looking for the perfect one, so surely I had to give a try to the cream ones too. I’ve been trying to figure out whether I like these or not. I got the shades Golden and Boho Chic.

NYX Rouge Cream Blushes, left Boho Chic and right Golden

I ordered these from Cherry Culture, it is my go to-place when it comes to NYX Cosmetics.

I first ordered the shade Golden. It has a pink tone to it, but it is more on the bronzy side. It has a golden fine shimmer. I like this a lot.

I like the consistency, it is, like the name says, very creamy. On bare skin, it blends very nicely. In these pictures the blushes are swatched very heavily.

After Golden I wanted another one, so with my next order came the Boho Chic. It is a rosey pink color with golden shimmer. Actually these are the only shades with shimmer, all the other colors don’t have it as far as I know. Boho Chic looks pretty on my pale skin.

These blushes have nice pigmentation and they are just so pretty!

The problem that I have with these is blending. I have oily and acne prone skin with old acne scars and I have to layer foundation and then powder very thoroughly to make my face look decent. After powdering I've had some trouble making these blushes blend in a nice way. I have tried blending with my fingers, with a blush brush and a duo fiber stippling brush. I have tried applying these before powdering but then you kind of loose the glowy look they give you because I have to apply powder on my face anyway. Maybe I just need to use these more to get used to the creamy consistency. I must admit I haven't really used these as much as they deserve to be used! You know, because they are very pretty and lovable.

You can also use these as a base for your powder blush, it really makes the color pop out! For a makeup that should last all day or night this is a recommended way to do it to make it last.

NYX Rouge Cream Blushes retail for about $6 and are worth the money absolutely. Nice pigment and lasts all day, I'd pay $6 for that!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have bought that two cream blushes then reading you jajaja