Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Make Up Store blush Matt Glory

This is love.

Could this be The perfect blush I've been looking for sooo long? It was on a bright fall day not so long ago. I was about to leave for work, but I had enough time to visit one store. Of course it had to be the cosmetic counters in my favorite department store. Went to see if there was nothing that I hadn't already seen. And there it was. This cool pink blush by the Make Up Store counter. It was so different from the other ones I already had. But then...I left it there. Just like that. I thought about it the whole work day. I even had a 20% off coupon for it.

Thank goodness, next morning the crazy fog had lifted and I went to get it.

Here it it's, the blush that looks PERFECT on me. The Make Up Store's Matt Glory.

I now know what was the problem with my pink blushes before, why they looked so dirty on me. They are all too warm! More purple toned cool pink colors apparently suit me way better than the warm ones. I wish, I really really whis I would have realized this before all the 20 warm blushes and before all the money I spent on those blushes. I showed you the purple blush I got from MAC and said it is too purple for me. Maybe I need to give it another try! And I actually thought I knew something about matching colors for your skin tone...

Here's the swatch:

What a sweet color. This blush is very pigmented like the MUS blushes usually are. It is very soft, almost creamy, and it applies very nicely. You have to do a lot of blending though because it is so pigmented that you could have the clown effect very easily. Now, I personally don't have a problem with the clown effect...

This retails for 18€ / $23.50 It is a bit pricey but it also has high quality. I really would recommend this if you are looking for a cool pink blush. Worth every penny.

There is only one but (as always). There are no shimmers in it, which I would like with this one. I guess the name Matt Glory should have given me a some kind of hint...This blush could easily be the winner!

Thanks for reading!

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